Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Artie Lange is my hero

Artie Lange was unbelievable during the premiere of Joe Buck Live on HBO. Buck, of course, is a pompous a-hole and was billed as the irreverent sports broadcaster.

How does that look now?

Buck has the sense of humor as your typical LDS stable boy. He knew what he was doing when he booked Lange on the show, so you can't really get too upset when he does what he does best.

Lange was spot-on in nearly every joke that he told at Buck's expense. And you guys know me, I don't typically work blue here, but I don't fold like a card table when somebody drops an f-bomb. It's just not my style, but I can still roll with punches.

Buck, an alleged professional, could not. Buck should be thanking Lange for making his dull show interesting. Honestly, if it wasn't for Brett Favre and Lange, this show would have been a complete disaster. No wonder Jack Buck faked his own death to distance himself from his son.

Beware, there is some salty language here.


DAWUSS said...

Video was taken down...

Sun Devil said...

FUCK College Baseball.

FUCK Texas.

FUCK Garrido and his 50 in-game conferences with all positions.


You don't have to be funny, original, or clever to work blue. Angry is enough.