Monday, May 04, 2009

Your Teixeira Update

Yankees slugger Mark Teixeira had two home runs on Monday night, and almost got his average to .200 (it's .195 now). Big Tex, however, proved that he was a true Yankee in the ninth inning.

Teixeira was facing off against sphincter mouth, Jonathan Papelbon, in one of those rare, win-win instances. If Teixeira is able to hit his third home run, Papelbon blows the save. Something that is always cool. Not to root for the Yankees here, but they are Iraq with Boston being Iran.

But if Papelbon is able to get Teixeira out, well, that's kind of funny too.

Teixeira struck out. If there were any fans in the stands, they would have likely jeered him. But everybody had gone home.

Hopefully Teixeira's wife is enjoying these rainouts and living on the East Coast.

A couple of links for you.

  • The mother of Joba Chamberlain was arrested for selling meth. Seriously, doesn't her kid make a lot of money so that she can move on to cocaine or soemthing?

  • Not really a link, but can't wait for the Lakers fans to start jumping off the bandwagon already. Relax people, the Lakers hadn't played for a week. Hopefully you took the Rockets and the points, though you didn't need them.


leafsfan16 said...

Well, now we know where Joba gets his ladykiller looks from. Now the question is, WKHT? (Would Kordell Hit That)

Diane said...

Fingers crossed those home runs were a fluke, and Teixiera's batting average returns to its slide toward double digits.

THN said...

They are a fluke in that ballpark.

Kordell said...

Uh, no. I think I'll leave that for the guys hanging around outside her trailer.

Per Head Services said...

Definitely agree, total fluke.

Texeira will be forgotten soon and no one will remember what he did.