Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Weak Ender: Good on Sanchez

Sports by Brooks is reporting that the young lady heating up the GQ pages with Mark Sanchez, Hilary Rhoda, is actually dating the Jets new quarterback. Thankfully for him, going from USC to the NFL was the step down that everybody thought it was going to be.

This is where it pays to go to USC. Most Trojans quarterbacks come to the NFL equipped with the knowledge of how to land hot babes -- some not even 21. Like it's a required course or something.

Or course, none of them outside of Carson Palmer has torn it up on the field, but that's beside the point. When it comes to marketing, making tons of money, and landing hot chicks (some of them of league drinking age, even), then you have to give it up for USC.

And even better, Sanchez didn't have to slum it with a Hilton sister.

Sanchez should be thankful that the Seahawks passed on him because that would have probably limited his prospects. Although, if he followed a Hasselbeck's lead, he would have ended up with Carrie Prejean.

(I pause for laughs, but not sure if that joke was clear.)

Don't kill me for this (like I really care), but Rhoda is good looking. But in some of those pics, she looks like what I would imagine Amanda Peet's not-as-attractive sister would look like.

(By the way, that picture nearly kills me every time.)

BUMMED TODAY, not so much that the Lakers lost, but rather that it will prevent me for bashing the Cavs for choking away Game 1 to the Magic. And that reminds me, for all of you who think that Michael Jordan was a better basketball player than Magic Johnson, did Michael ever get a team named after him?

In your face, inferior MJ.

Not willing to get too worked up about the Lakers. There is no way the Nuggets win consecutive home games. This series is looking pretty good. But still don't see this as an automatic Lakers series victory.

NOTRE DAME, is interested in playing a football game at Yankee Stadium. Does Chuck think that the new stadium's faulty design is going to help the Domers' offense? He can't be that naive, right? And really, do we need to give terrorists more incentive here?

AND FINALLY, Jake Peavy turned down a trade to the White Sox to remain in San Diego. What the Padres have done is absolutely shameful. The club promised to spend money once the taxpayers opened their wallets to build a new stadium. But have any of you seen it?

Obviously the pending divorce of the Padres' owner caused some more penny-pinching, but it's not like the team was spending money in the early years of PetCo. Park. The Padres should give it's co-owners (the citizens of San Diego) a winning product.

So what Peavy did is even more amazing. He got a full-trade clause because he was willing to take less money to stay in San Diego (I believe), so I back his decision to stay in Tijuana's Hat. San Diego is an awesome place to live, so why would you want to move to Chicago. People don't typically leave San Diego, rather the other way around.

Peavy signed a contract and he wants to live up to it. That's the way it should be.

Of course, if he will waive that no-trade clause to come to the Angels, that would be pretty cool, too.


R.J. said...

If I remember correctly, Peavy DID waive his no-trade clause last season for both the Angels and the Red Sox. He still might be on the market for the right offer.

Have a safe holiday weekend, y'all.

Bokolis said...

Terrorists? To paraphrase, ND couldn't get blown up in this town.

Tijuana's hat's chief draws vs Chicago is that Chicago gets comparable weather for about 4 weeks per year and that the former is only about a 5-hour drive to Vegas. If you like to eat, those are easily overcome. If it's time to retire, Point Loma it is.

Peavy's more worried about leaving that park than that town. He will get traded. Scour NL pitchers parks. Personally, I think he's holding out for Atlanta.

flohtingPoint said...

[i]"But still don't see this as an automatic Lakers series victory."[/i]

With the NBA hurting nearly as bad as GM, there is no way that Stern doesn't allow anything less than a Cavs/Lakers final (especially with Nike pushing this hardcore). If these series stay close, get ready to see some repeats of Game 6 of the '02 WCF.

Seitz said...

Speaking as someone who left SoCal for Chicago, Peavy made the right decision.

Also, I'm curious to know what the league drinking age is.

THN said...

Chris Henry, Matt Leinart got caught giving alcohol to underage girls so the league drinking age is 19.

Diane said...

Is this THN's tribute to female wingnuts?

Anonymous said...

Women without a tan should avoid wearing a bikini.

WCT said...

This is where it pays to go to USCDamn right. It "Pays" to go to USC

It pays $50k if you're Reggie Bush, it pays $5k if you're O.J. Mayo...

Nathan Lane said...

Whew! That was close. I was just about to knock the bottom out of Hilary Rhoda, under the mistaken impression that she was a hottie. Fortunately, I read the comments section of THN before tapping. Thanks for having my back, THN brahs!

Sun Devil said...

Alright, Adam. Time to start covering College Baseball. Especially since your boys might get the 1 seed...which of course also is a kiss of death.

THN said...

They can't get it over UC Irvine who took two out of three and won the Big West. That would be wrong.

Clutch shot by LeBron. I'm stunned.

THN said...

And for the record Game 5 of the 2002 WCF was the worst refereed game ever, slanted in the Kings favor, but nobody ever talks about that.

THN said...

Ah hell, bet the farm on Danica Patrick winning Indy 500. Loserville is taking over.