Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Weak Ender: Brady returns

Tom Brady returned to practice on Thursday, but it seem all anybody really seemed to care about was if Gisele was pregnant with the couple's first child. Well, first real child. Honestly. If any of you got NFL Network you could have seen how much time reporter Kara Henderson talked about the possibility of the Brazilian beauty being pregnant. Well, you would have had to sit through segments like 280 Buzz, which is really nothing more than Kevin Smith-like in-jokes inside the league. Really compelling stuff.

And here's some advice, Tom. If you are going to knock up Gisele, don't let your family find out on Facebook. That's a pro move right there. But secondly, just touchdown with Bridgette Moynihan again and keep Gisele in playing shape. You know, for the rest of us to enjoy on the pages of Sports Illustrated, GQ and Vanity Fair.

And photos like this one.

LOVE THE way that the NBA is booking the Magic vs. Cavs series. Honestly, booking the Cavs to come back from a 3-0 deficit would have been too much make believe. But coming back from a 3-1 deficit seems pretty doable. Plus Shaq already has painted the Magic coach (is he a Van Gundy?) as a world-class choker.

Honestly, David Stern really knows what he is doing here. And from what people tell me, the game on Thursday night was really pretty good.

The Lakers won't be closing out the Nuggets on Friday. There is no way the NBA misses out on a Game 7 in Los Angeles on Sunday.

FRAN TARKENTON continues to gripe about Brett Favre, but might have gone too far when he went after Marcellus Wiley -- one of the greatest dudes in the NFL. Take your shots are Favre, Fran, but leave 'Dat Dude' alone. Wiley is a great analyst on ESPN and one of the best up-and-coming guys out there. Fran's still right about Favre, though.

PLAXICO BURRESS turned down a deal to serve only two months in jail because he's afraid of the big house. Not a good move by the young man. Take the deal, go to jail and get out in time to attend Cowboys training camp. Yeah, I know a lot of you would think he would be perfect in Oakland. And he would be if the Raiders committed to Jeff Garcia. But it's the Raiders, he's better off going to Dallas where he might be able to turn another loser into a Super Bowl quarterback. So yeah, if I had to pick, Burress will be in Dallas this season.

CHECK IT out, Tim Brown of Yahoo! Sports is a fan of THN, taking our Torii Hunter for MVP idea and making it a column. No worries, TB, we just love that you're reading.

AND FINALLY, we have come to that month of the year where many Cal State Fullerton alumni will actually admit to being so. The Titans will again play host to a regional and -- fingers crossed -- a super regional. Here's ESPN's breakdown.

As noted, the past seven champions have come West of the Mississippi River. But that doesn't stop some talking heads from claiming, "To grow the sport, the NCAA needs to include teams from the North."

Amazing, that rational is never uttered during the NCAA selection show for basketball. Nobody is interested in growing the sport by allowing St. Mary's or San Diego State into the hoops tournament. But for baseball, it's a major deal. Can you imagine them using that rational for the BCS? To grow college football, let's include more teams from the Mountain West and WAC.

Anybody who suggested that would be laughed right off the screen. But again, baseball, it's important to include everybody like it's Little League.

The NCAA has tried for years to eliminate the majority of West Coast teams before they can get to the College World Series, but the best teams always seem to win out. Maybe they should take a turn at "growing" the other sports before they try to ruin baseball.


R.J. Lebeau said...

You know what I hate about Fran? I get his junk mail in my inbox at work. Seriously. I don't need what he's peddling.

I don't know about you, but I started getting nervous when I read that Javon Walker was in Vegas during the Memorial Day weekend. No word on whether there were any champagne showers, though.

THN said...

You would think that he would just stay away, R.J.

Glenn Tipton & KK Downing said...

You know, if we had hooked Halford up with this Gisele bird before he let the cat outta the bag, we prolly coulda milked another two platinums outta the Priest!

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