Monday, May 11, 2009

The Post Mortem

There has been a fundamental shift in Los Angeles sports talk radio in recent years, with the region getting more national coverage than ever before. Therefore, we get to listen to endless hours of talk shows bashing the Lakers and burying the team before Game 5 of the second-round of the playoffs even starts.

For that reason, I'm taking off the rest of the playoffs until the finals. I cannot stand the constant hand wringing and honestly, it makes me long for Vic the Brick to give his objective analysis. But as our pal Kyle reported, Vic hung himself like a beleaguered Arsenal fan.

There was a time when the NBA Finals would be played at 11:30 p.m. on a Friday night. I'm starting to long for that. This is probably why I'm getting more interested in hockey -- I can't see it.

Sports talk is nothing more than a huge FaceBook page with clueless hosts just posting random thoughts, such as "I love mustard," or "driving on the 55 sucks." But noted moron Chris Meyers took it one step further by labeling Andrew Bynum a bust.

Which he honestly did. Is the guy even 21 yet? He rushed back from injury and has been ineffective for sure, but you want to write off his whole career because he's disappeared in the playoffs? I'd be interested to hear Meyers' take on Gomer.

Sorry folks, I'd rather follow the Brett Favre drama which is continuing into its ninth week. Now, a lot of you are sick of Favre, but is it his fault that there are so many crappy quarterbacks out there making the gray beard a viable option?

Besides, why are the Dolphins trying to sign Favre? He has to be the only player in the league old enough to think it would be awesome to play for a team partly owned by Jimmy Buffet. And for the record, LandShark beer is the frigging worst. No wonder, it's a Budweiser product.

AND FINALLY, looks like Darrius Heyward-Bey is already struggling in Oakland. The rookie showed that he might be a Terrell Owens clone -- the one that drops a lot of footballs. The Raiders should be praised for signing FB Lorenzo Neal, who can still bring it. But that just means that Neal will end up suffering a serious injury or something before the season even starts.


Diane said...

Lorenzo Neal deserves better than to end up a Raider.

leafsfan16 said...

Actually, DHB is looking more like Jerry "Oh, my hamstring!" Porter than T.O. The latter at least has some talent and can play a full season.

Still looking forward to Michael Mitchell laying the wood on Michael Crabtree sometime in mid-August. :)


Doctor Johnny Fever said...

Who is this Chris MEYERS you speak of? I think that a guy who is that in love with his voice would not approve of his name not being spelled correctly.

Local sports talk radio in this area hasn't been the same since Chet Forte passed away. I'd rather listen to an abortion being performed every day on the radio than listen to the local hacks on 710 & 570 (save for maybe P&Money on occasion).