Monday, May 18, 2009

The Post Mortem: That was fast

Sorry if you weekend seemed to last as long as your most recent outing by Angels pitcher John Lackey.

Or if it seemed as fleeting as the Boston Cellbitch's run as an elite basketball team. That run was a great fun months, Cellbitch fan, now it is time to take your rightful place back down at the cellar of the NBA Eastern Conference standings.

Besides, now you can all pretend like you were Boston Bruins fans all along, just like your boy, the Sports Dork Bill Simpson.

Some of you might point to Kevin Garnett's injury as the reason why the Cellbitch lost. But that's what happens when you stock your team with past-their-prime talent. If it wasn't Garnett, then it was going to be Ray Allen.

Besides, does anybody really believe that Garnett is that hurt anyway? Having Garnett sit out seems to give the Cellbitch a pretty handy excuse to explain away their loss in the second round, and save them the embarrassment of having to hand over the keys to the Eastern conference to LeBron James on the court.

And of course, they don't have to get swept by the Lakers, either. Garnett made Al Czervik's injury seem legitimate.

MOVING ON, epic broadcast failure Tony Kornheiser will no longer be ruining your Monday nights. Dennis Miller is unfairly cast as the worst MNF commentator, but Kornheiser clearly takes them all. Kornheiser said that he plans to continue doing PTI, but does ESPN know this? They pay an awful lot of money for Rick Reilly who is far more talented and a better fit for that show. Come ESPN, do what you have to do.

THN Patron Saint Jon Gruden will be taking over for Kornheiser, and while you are all celebrating, this has to be kind of a blow to NFL Network. Gruden worked as a commentator on the NFL Network draft coverage (like you were able to see it), and was pretty good. Gruden seemed like the kind of talent that you would want to hold on to. But the evil four letter continues to put pressure on during a struggling economy by scooping up some of its competitors best talent.

Deadspin found a pretty good link to some pointed comments Gruden made about ESPN previously. Not that it matters if Gruden can make MNF better and steal a guy from another network.

AND FINALLY, oh yeah, the Lakers did finish out off the Rockets. What, were you expecting something different? But Denver looks good enough, I might lift my ban on Lakers non-Finals basketball. Looks like this could be a good series.

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Diane said...

"Dennis Miller is unfairly cast as the worst MNF commentator" I'm not sure that's unfair, and this was back in the days when Miller was occasionally funny.