Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Post Mortem: Good Guys Do Win II

Let's not get overwhelmed by the Angels' shellacking at the hands of the White Sox on Monday night. This was a pretty good baseball weekend.

California's native team took two of three against the carpetbaggers from New York, the Trolley Dodgers. But has anybody kind of gotten disinterested in the whole interleague baseball deal? Beating the Dodgers is cool, but it doesn't have the same kind of punch that the series once had. Maybe it was the Dodgers missing Manny Ramirez. Or maybe it was just me. But it seemed like nobody was really geared up for this series. (As you could probably tell by the lack of coverage in the Weak Ender.)

Another series that has lost luster is the Cal State vs. Long Beach State Big West baseball finale. The series still means a lot to Long Beach State, but that school has become just another Big West foe like Pacific, Cal Poly and Northridge. Though, Cal Poly did reach the tournament this year.

UC Irvine has replaced Long Beach as Fullerton's chief rival in the Big West conference. Both teams will play host to regionals this weekend and are national seeds. Fullerton grabbed the No. 2 seed and did not get San Diego State and Stephen Strasburg. Irvine is the No. 6 seed, and will have SDSU in its regional.

Fullerton rival Arizona State is the No. 5 seed and the Devils are relived that they don't have to see the Titans until the College World Series.

TORII HUNTER is by far and away the league's most valuable player at this point. And I implore Angels fans to start MVP chants whenever Torii comes to the plate. Offensively and defensively, Hunter has been a force. But emerging as the team leader in the wake of Nick Adenhart's death has his biggest contribution. Honestly, if Sox fans could get a squeak like Dustin Pedroia the MVP award, we should be able to do the same.

ANYBODY SURPRISED by the Lakers loss in Game 4 doesn't follow the sport enough. Or maybe you follow it too closely. The desperate team always wins. And don't worry, this thing is going seven games.

JEREMY SHOCKEY apparently can't handle his booze. The Saints tight end was taken to the hospital for dehydration after attending Rehab at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Normally, this kind of thing is reserved for sorority girls who have hit the Sailor Jerry just a little too hard, not NFL players. Is there any wonder now why this guy has failed to make an impact in the league for something other than stupidity?


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Sun Devil said...

At least Stanford baseball sucks again.

Steve from H-Town said...

Shockey should stick to Tequila Rose.

R.J. Lebeau said...

I find it amazing that Jeremy Shockey is the only NFL player who not only can't find the end zone, but can't find an "all ages" drink at poolside. That's like suffering hypothermia while hitch hiking on I-15 in the middle of the Mojave Desert.

DAWUSS said...

Quick question: Is Danica's father named Archie?