Thursday, May 14, 2009

The New Loserville

Congratulations to Washington D.C., the new Loserville, U.S.A. The District almost had me believing with Alex Ovechkin, but the Capitals absolutely folded down in Game 7. Not that I watched (they started that thing at 4:30 p.m.), but I wanted to read about a good game.

Feel bad for the Capitals, too, and was kind of pulling for them seeing that they are the only team in Washington D.C. that doesn't have an offensive or inappropriate nickname.

The Bullets became the Wizards. And somebody is going to have to explain to me how changing your name from a bullet to the leader of the KKK makes any sense. There's the Redskins. And the Nationals, which is offensive because our country is going through enough right now without having to be associated with the worst run organization in all of professional sports. Make it something that people would associated with losing and D.C.

Like the Washington Bush. Or the W's for short.

So congratulations, Washington D.C. You have taken the mantle from Cleveland as the worst sports town in the nation. You should be proud.


Pierre LePud said...

Shorter THN:
We haven't posted on puck in years, but if the Ducks win tonight we're gonna want to do some crowing about that. Then again, they might lose, and Play It Again Sports won't restock these jersies if the backs are covered with skids where the dicks were wiped off. We'd better hedge with a post about the Caps.

THN said...

I'm pulling for the Red Wings.

Anonymous said...

Waitjustacottonpickin minute... doesn't Seattle get consideration as worst sports town? At least DC has all the sports covered. Seattle lost the only franchise that's won a championship (Ok, Jimmy Carter was in office, but I digress). Beautiful coastline, trees, grunge rock and cool hipster lifestyle don't give you a free pass. Matter of fact, the Puget Sound could win for greatest contrast in picturesque-osity of the area and futility of pro sports franchises. It's worse than the salt-mine gap decried by the late, great George C. Scott.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the Washington Obamas. Now that's a loser

Robbie said...

Don't forget them Ethnic Slurs!

The Second, Lamer Anonymous said...

I'm sad because my drama teacher used to touch me in the bad place and I tried not to like it but I couldn't help myself. I act out my shame by trolling weakly on topics I'm not smart enough to comment coherently on. Sorry.

Bain said...

Boston haters really missed out if you didn't catch the end of the Bruins/Canes game last night. Talk about a kick in the pud... the Bs was swarming, the fans was roaring, and then out of nowhere the Canes plopped 'er in and the place went quieter than a well-digger's ass.

Cam Nealy looked like he had just eaten undercooked back fat.