Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Weak Ender: Getting Drafty

Cal State Fullerton and Arizona State were rivals on the diamond in both baseball and softball. The great thing about the softball programs, at least when I was there, was that both teams employed the lipstick variety of gals if you catch the drift.

And this young lady is Bianca Cruz who is looking to become one of Maxim's Hometown Hotties according to Busted Coverage via With Lethur. And maybe some day, she can work all the way up to Playboy Cyber Girl.

Fingers crossed.

But we'd figure that we'd through some love Sun Devil's way since ASU's upcoming road trips are going to push it off the No. 8 national seed and an eventual Super Regional showdown with the Titans.

The draft is finally here, which means that the endless hype will finally come to an end. Finally. That hype has been especially exasperating this year seeing that there really isn’t a top prospect or three to get excited about. Are we supposed to really care about Matthew Stafford and Mark Sanchez that much? If you are looking for some sort of Joe Flacco-Matt Ryan type of situation, you will be sorely disappointed.

Instead, you are more likely to see a Tim Couch-Akili Smith type of situation.

Stafford and Sanchez will be huge disappointments in the NFL. Remember that when you hear the so-called experts raving about them. Georgia and USC were both national title contenders last season. Neither delivered. And in USC’s case, it most certainly came down to Sanchez. The USC defense had one bad half and Sanchez wasn’t up to the challenge to rally the team. That’s what the great quarterbacks do.

Stafford has a pudgy face. Not scientific because Ben Roethlisberger isn’t exactly slim. But that just bothers me about Stafford. Plus, I don’t watch enough SEC football to know if Stafford was the problem in Georgia. But that face couldn’t have helped. And when you start talking about face of a franchise, do you really want it to be Stafford? The Lions – with new coach Jim Schwartz – should build with a tough defense. Detroit won NBA titles with the Bad Boys. The Lions should follow suit.

The greatest thing that could happen for Detroit would be to just say “(expletive) it” let’s just sign LB Aaron Curry and roll with some awesome linebackers. Kind of like in the mold of Raven.

The funny thing is, Stafford would probably fall out of the Top 10. Maybe all the way down to the Jets at No. 17. How funny would it be if the NFL had to hide Stafford in the attic like he was Anne Frank if he starts to stumble down the draft. And then imagine what it would do to Josh Freeman. Please, let this happen.

  • How pissed is Michael Crabtree right now? He would have a contract right now if Matt Millen was still in charge in Detroit. Bummer.
  • Crabtree is going to go to the Raiders and going to start having mystery ailments like Darren McFadden did last season. Honestly, is there any other player the Raiders could take other than the dude with a broken foot?
  • The Chargers had better take LB Rey Maualuga. We are talking a Junior Seau-type of player here. If somebody trades up to snake him, so be it. But if he’s available the Chargers should grab it.
  • If the Chargers do miss out on Maualuga, Knowshon Moreno should be the guy. Honestly, with nearly every team going to a running back by committee, how is this guy not a Top 10 player? Moreno is going to go late in the draft, and we’re looking at an Emmitt Smith type of situation here.
  • Beanie Wells will be damn good, too.
  • Do we even need to discuss how annoying Chris Berman will be? NFL Network would be a nice option. But, yeah, you need to be able to get it.
  • Quick Lakers note. The Lakers could be up 3-0 on the Cellbitch in the NBA Finals and people would still be upset because they aren’t winning by enough points. This is the NBA – leads don’t last. How come nobody notices this? That’s why it’s pointless to even tune into an NBA game prior to the fourth quarter. No lead in the NBA ever lasts. Ditto for college hoops, too. Know the game, people.
  • Did Carolina management miss last year’s playoff game against the Cardinals? That’s the only explanation after the huge contract extension just signed by Jake Delhomme. Now, NFL plays with funny money, but still, just the thought of a contract extension is strange.

The highlights of Eli Messiah shunning the city of San Diego have been playing over and over again as the NFL Draft draws near. And you would think that the years would have softened the blow of Eli Messiah’s betrayal. That and the fact that the Chargers got the better quarterback.

But you would be wrong.

Eli has been schooled in NFL diplomacy, but that made him look like an even bigger jackass when trying to explain why he didn’t want to go to San Diego. And really, he never did. He gave some ridiculous answer while displaying his spoiled, football aristocratic upbringing. The silver spoon in his mouth making it difficult for him to even emote any words.

But the most jarring thing was the image of Eli Messiah wearing that Pat Tillman memorial pin. (And note that his brother , Gomer, is not wearing the Tillman pin, instead promoting DirecTV.)

With the fifth anniversary of Tillman’s death passing, the Manning’s family greed on that day – just mere hours after Tillman’s death – is an image that should never be forgotten.

Pat Tillman put his life on the line so that spoiled a-hole athletes could hold out for more money, and complain about the teams that drafted him. How the Mannings not only survived this PR nightmare, but instead thrived should be something that is studied in text books for years to come.


Robbie said...

San Diego has never gotten over Elisha dissing us. I have a screen cap from News8 to prove it.

Rocksteady said...

I miss Ashley Van Boxmeer.

Bokolis said...

In hindsight, would you have taken Eli and a career of mediocrity, if one Bowl was part of the deal?

Robbie said...

Bokolis: Sure, but the Raiders already cut that deal a quarter century ago when they drafted Marc Wilson.

WCT said...

"Are we supposed to really care about Matthew Stafford and Mark Sanchez that much?Wait, so... you're not excited about Mark Sanchez's NFL career prospects? You slurp all things USC-related weekly during the fall, and you're not excited about Sanchez?

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