Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Sade de la Tarde: Judd's recruiting violations

Ashley Judd nearly go the Kentucky basketball program in trouble by offering a ride to a player's mother. These NCAA laws are outrageous. But here's the thing. What if Judd went over to North Carolina and started driving around Ty Lawson's parents. Would that end up getting North Carolina in trouble? It might be worth it to go give some money to some players on the opposing team, to see how much trouble they could get into.

When I was in school, I always wanted to wear a Long Beach State T-shirt, sneak into its student section and throw a water bottle on the court during a crucial time, getting the Dirtbags (or 49ers or whatever they call themselves this week) a technical foul. Why aren't more students thinking of this?

Here are some links.

  • Baseball writers could be nearing the end. This isn't good, people. Trust me, we don't want wire copy to be our news source.
  • Brian Downing talks about being in the Angels Hall of Fame. Are the Angels retiring No. 5 and No. 31 on Thursday? Most likely, the next retired number will be No. 15.
  • Bill MacDonald is a panther. I've seen this dude walking and talking on a cellphone during the national anthem, so this does not surprise me. Any guess on how old that girl is? Yikes. The bored friend, however, is the best. He's Billy Mac!

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Diane said...

I see things haven't changed since Bill's time in the Forum Club. Except that 15 years have passed and he's getting creepier by the day.

Robbie said...

I'm with Diane on this one. That girl doesn't look like she's legal.

THN said...

Went to go see if we could find Billy Mack tonight ... no dice. He was likely hanging out at Tomorrowland.

Fletch said...

Figures...I think this is the first time I've won a bracket pool, and there's no money involved. High Life?