Monday, April 06, 2009

Proof the God Loves Us

The Red Sox will not ruin opening day. Though, ESPN has gone to tone and bars for three hours in observance of the Sox having their opener rained out. But that is what happens when you open baseball in the Northeast instead of doing it in a dome down in Tampa Bay. You would figure that since the Rays won the AL pennant last year, they had at least earned that right.

Not so much.

And also, apologies for not having a Post Mortem ready for you. I honestly didn't know that people were working today. That kind of hit me when I drove by the bank this morning and saw people coming in and out ... this isn't a national holiday.

With the economy in the tank, maybe we should work in some more holidays for people. Opening Day for baseball. The day after the Super Bowl (though, if the Super Bowl gets pushed to President's Day weekend, that might happen). Things like that. So I'm going to be out getting ready for the Angels openers.

And if you are looking for signs, here is one for you. While picking up Lynchburg Lemonade beers for today's games, BevMo was playing "Roll with the Changes."

Greatest. Day. Ever.


Robbie said...

It's a joyous occasion in my household when ESPN can't televise the Sox here on the Left Coast. Don't those transplants already have NESN at most of the sports bars?

buckyor said...

Not only does every place east and north of Brooklyn have NESN, we also happen to be the only region of the country without WGN. While I could skip most of the Cubs' games (sans those against the Brewers), the World's Greatest (bankrupt) Newspaper also carries the real Sox.

My word verification term is "chics", something not normally seen in these parts. . . .

Diane said...

Two Pacificos with the neighbors to celebrate the start of the Angels' season. Life is good.

p.s. half way through Boys will be Boys by Jeff Pearlman.
p.p.s. Spoiler alert - Jimmy Johnson is an a-hole, but a good delegator.