Monday, April 20, 2009

The Post Mortem: There Was a Game On?

Were there any sports on during the weekend, because it was hard to tell during the baffling schedule on Sunday? For starters, ESPN shouldn't schedule outdoor games from the East Coast or Midwest during the first month of the season. Unless those teams play in a dome, of course. Man, just when I was getting into some Sunday Night baseball.

That's nothing compared to having the Lakers game start on Sunday morning. I was stunned to find the Lakers game was at halftime while eating brunch at Dukes on Sunday. Really, it's 80 degrees out at the beach and you expect Lakers fans to sit inside and watch a near meaningless game? How come they weren't the 7 p.m. game. No offense to the Hornets and whomever they were playing, but that should have been the Lakers' slot.

And really, I don't care what time it starts on the East Coast. (Expletive) them.

The Lakers game also illustrated why the NBA playoffs kind of blow. The knock against the NBA is that the teams don't try all of the time during the regular season. In truth, they barely care during the playoffs. The Lakers did just enough to win that game. As they should. Why win by 30 points when you don't have to? But in a seven game series, the first game isn't that crucial. That lowers the intensity. And you get that kind of game. Honestly, nobody was even sweating that game.

  • The Eagles are still in the mix for a WR, according to reports. Anquan Boldin is mentioned the most. But why would the Eagles just concede Braylon Edwards to the Giants? The Eagles should get into the hunt for Edwards and -- at the very least -- drive up the price. But hopefully the Giants don't get Edwards. Would be nice to see if Eli Messiah could win consistently with Dom Hixon and Steve Smith (and not the good one).

  • Chris Simms and Kyle Orton both placed with the first team during the Broncos minicamp. No wonder they are bringing in Mark Sanchez for a look.

  • Tyler Thigpen wants to be a starting quarterback. So do most kids playing Madden football. Doesn't mean it should happen, though. Thigpen went into the season think he was going to be the Chiefs' starter. I'm not sure if that's cute or sad.

  • Titans QB Vince Young said he was going to play it cool as the backup. Really, because what was the alternative. I mean, it's not like it's something to kill yourself over. Oh wait.

Lions fans gathered at the team's logo unveiling today and chanted for LB Aaron Curry. So you know that the Lions are going to blow this pick by taking Matthew Stafford.

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