Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Post Mortem: Opening Day a Success

This was quite a stellar opening day in that, the Angels won, the Yankees $252 million pitcher didn't even record a strikeout while being roped by the Orioles, Mark Teixeira blew and the Red Sox didn't even get a chance to play.

Only the young lady passed out in the back of a random pickup truck in the parking lot of Angels Stadium would have said that it was a bad day. But then, you have to imagine that the parts of the day she does remember were probably pretty fun, too.

And for all of you shoveling snow in the Northeast, just wanted to let you know that I did finally have to put on a sweatshirt in the eighth inning last night. (But still wore sandals.) Hopefully Teixeira's wife bought a bunch of nice coats with the money her husband soon won't be earning.

Now, it's not smart to jump on one game and proclaim that the Yankees big-time signings are a bust. But that is how normal people think. Yankees fans aren't normal people. The Yankees fans will give C.C. Sabathia and Teixeira warm welcomes when the new Yankee Stadium is open, but after that look out.

The most disturbing thing for the Yankees is that their team just doesn't look good fundamentally. The outfielders don't look like they can throw. They often throw to the wrong base. And the Orioles just looked more sound on Monday. So yeah, it's only one game but these things have a way of snowballing.

  • Joe Saunders looked like an ace on Monday night. And the A's looked like a 1980s Angels team will all of the washed up all-stars. Hopefully nobody is taking Oakland too seriously.
  • The most disturbing thing about Texas was not them scoring a ton of runs. It always does that. But if it gets more performances like that from Kevin Millwood, the Rangers could be very good.
  • How does Colorado go from the World Series in 2007, to challenging for the worst team in baseball? That's disgusting.
  • North Carolina cruised to the national championship. Thankfully, since many of us didn't even bother to watch figuring the outcome was already determined. And it was. But please, stop with any analogies to the 1990 UNLV team. This Carolina team may have been able to hang -- and are better coached -- but that Runnin' Rebels team was the greatest college basketball team of all-time.

K-Rod gets a 1-2-3 save for the first time in his life. Congratulations Mets, just don't get used to it.

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