Monday, April 13, 2009

The Post Mortem: Beckett is a Punk

Sorry for being a touch late today, hard to focus with Somali pirates vowing revenge against our nation.

We can debate whether Josh Beckett's pitch to Bobby Abreu was intentional or not.

It was.

At least mild-manager Mike Scioscia believes so.

"Usually the pitcher will show a little bit of remorse and say that wasn't a part of it. But obviously, we didn't see any of that with Beckett," Scioscia said. “That was as blatant as anything I've seen in this game. What happened today absolutely crossed the line, and I think it was inexcusable. I really feel the league has to look at it."

The lying Red Sox and Beckett will deny that. But what can't be argued is that Beckett's reaction was clearly uncalled for (illustrating that he did indeed do it on purpose hence being so defensive).

Beckett was at Angels Stadium on Friday during the ceremony to honor Nick Adenhart. And cheers to the Red Sox organization -- in particular manager Terry Francona -- for being so classy. Only two days removed, however, Beckett should have shown more composure in this situation. The Angels were obviously on edge. And yes, as a competitor, it's hard not to be so competitive when people are calling you out. But come on, you have to be better than that.

Should teams treat the Angels with kid gloves for the rest of the season? Don't be ridiculous. Nobody would expect that. Certainly not the Angels. But as the first team in town following Adenhart's death, maybe you can show a little composure as a human being.

We all feared that some a-hole Red Sox fan would do something stupid over the weekend -- it's surprising that it turned out to be a player.

The on-field display, however had to be cathartic for the Angels. Torii Hunter and Justin Spier don't seem like the kind of guys to lose their cool like that. Obviously some tensions and emotions were boiling, so it's not surprising that they were the "aggressors" as one report put it.

Again, hopefully that is a sign that the team is starting to move along.

When the most compelling part of the Master's is the race in the middle of the pack, well, that pretty much says it all.


Seitz said...

Death in the family or not, the Angels were in no way at fault in any of this. If Beckett just stays on the mound instead of acting like the little bitch that he is, there's no escalation.

Then again, I'd like to thank Joe West for leaving Beckett in there so the Angels could slap him all over the yard and saddle him with a big fat L.

Robbie said...

Umps 4, Angels 0. That was the score that ticked me off. How could there be four ejections and none of them from the Sox?

Peanut Gallery said...

Since the Red Sox play in the weenie league with the DH, they can't throw at Beckett.

They can however throw at Joe West. And his bookie.

WCT said...

I hate Boston sports teams almost as much as I hate Pac-10 football teams. And thats saying something...

The Hatriot said...

What? No full caps, misspelled screed in the comments from some fat, unemployed bandwagon Bawstin fan signing onto his AOL account from his mama's basement, extolling the virtues of the Selma of the Northeast and railing against the "Gaylos"?

And I brought my sock full of ball bearings all the way here for nothing...

My verification word is "vedbwoo" which, coincidentally, will be the first word Big Fatty says upon regaining conciousness after Speier puts one in his ear the next time these teams meet.

THN said...

Even Boston fans know that Beckett is a punk. There is no debate.

Diane said...

Beckett getting a 6 game suspension does restore my faith slightly in MLB