Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A New Member of the Manning Family?

We all know about the famed Manning brothers -- Gomer and Eli Messiah. There's another one with the Manning name who faked an injury to escape his dad's own projections.

And then there is J.J. Manning, and the whispers that Donovan McNabb is truly a member of the Manning family tree.

Now there is another.

Famed prep pitcher Patrick Schuster tossed four no-hitters for Mitchell High School in Florida. Schuster’s bid for a fifth consecutive no-hitter ended Tuesday in the third inning of his Mitchell High School team’s Class 6A District 7 semifinal against Gaither in Clearwater, Fla.

In other words, great regular-season pitcher ... chokes in the playoffs. A true Manning if there ever was one.


Anonymous said...

"great in the regular season, chokes in the playoffs" so, by that definition, the chargers are mannings too or what????????/

Bain said...

Anonymous or not, he got you with that one, Hatters.

THN said...

That's a good one. That's why I can't understand why the Messiah didn't want to play here.