Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Must be the offseason, a Bengal is arrested

Bengals cornerback Leon Hall was arrested on suspicion of DUI, or what the Bengals describe as a beginner crime. Hall won't officially be a member of the team until he can register that second alcohol related offense, or he knocks around his girlfriend/wife.

Keep your fingers crossed.

Some Sade de la Manana.

  • Bill MacDonald ain't doing nothing wrong. His chick is young, but she's legal.
  • Stupid Canada. The Brave New World won't be far behind. How did the children get so much power?


Robbie said...

I better go shave off my mustache and soul patch before LAPD pays me a visit. You know how us Mexicans all look alike. *laughs*

I'm a little shocked we haven't had a news story on Chris Henry this offseason. Is he still alive?

Diane said...

She and her horrified little friend better me getting free tix and beers or she's taking one for the team for naught.

Maoke Trubesman said...

Young chicks are superficial, I'm afraid, with no appreciation yet of syrups.

Yiddish Steel said...

Canadians are pussies! Except for Don Cherry.