Monday, April 20, 2009

Fold With Your Avengers

Some bad news for Los Angeles football -- the Avengers have folded, following the Los Angeles Rams, Los Angeles Xtreme and Cal State Fullerton Titans as football teams I once liked that no longer exist.

This is truly a sad day. Or is it?

Casey Wasserman was the owner of the Avengers and he pulled the plug because the Arena League could not come up with a successful business model. And it is starting to look likely that the AFL is going to fold. That could mean one of two things.

1.) Wasserman is going to purchase the St. Louis FC and relocate the team to Los Angeles. This is the pipe dream. But if it ever happens, you heard it hear first.

2.) The arena owners will soon create an NFL Europe/XFL type of feeder league that would improve the quality (in the long run) of the NFL. That would be the most useful.

The Arena League was fun, and I never had a friend that attended a game who had a bad time. I should be more upset about this, but I just can't seeing that I haven't attended a game in like three years.

But in the long run, fans want real football. I believe a spring league could work. Just make sure Vince McMahon is a part of it.


Robbie said...

Get Vince involved. I heard He Hate Me still wants to play.

Diane said...

No shout out to the Southern California Sun? They played at the Big A and held open try-outs for a place kicker. I only recall that last part b/c a friend of my parents drunk boasted that he would go try out, and then did. His try out was unspectacular, or so my mother tells me, who went with him.

Sun Devil said...

It's OK. You still have Cal State Disneyland Baseball to enjoy, always with a nice seat in the shade cast by Arizona State's shadow.

Sun Devil said...

I love the lack of reply.