Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Cardinals Have Lost Their Minds

The Cardinals have gone bat-(expletive) crazy if they believe they can improve their team by trading Anquan Boldin. That's just not possible. Maybe the Cardinals were turned off by last year's Super Bowl experience. They always say the longer you go, the harder it is when you lose.

The Cardinals have been losing for so long ... they never got their hopes up. That Super Bowl loss is obviously playing with their minds.

A friend recently suggested that the Cardinals would be better off trading Boldin, signing Torry Holt and then going with Larry Fitzgerald, Steve Breaston and Holt. That's not horrible, but come on, this is a Pro Bowl caliber receiver in his prime. With two years left on a great contract.

The Cardinals can't do it. But somehow you get the feeling that they will, don't you? Not only that, but they will likely trade Boldin to a conference opponent who could hurt them every year in the playoffs.

Way to go, Birds. You are celebrating your success well.


Robbie said...

Maybe they'll try and trade up to get Michael Crabtree? Never mind. This is the Cardinals we're talking about here.

kat said...

What's up? First you show a pathetic buckeye fan photo when reporting on the Red Sox. Now a photo of Fitz when you're talking about Boldin?

kat said...

OK-My Bad. 81 Boldin-11 Fitz. Hopefully I caught it before anyone else gets on my *

THN said...

Not problem Kat. Turns out those were Buckeye fans. I could have sworn that State said Sox.

It's not as bad as one of the major sites yesterday had it spelled as Anquan Boldon. I make my fair share of mistakes, but good lord.

buckyor said...

You know that stat that gets rolled out pretty much every year, about how loser of the previous Super Bowl doesn't make the playoffs most of the time (I think the Seahawks did in 06, but it's been rare lately)? Remember how last year was gonna break that curse, because the Patriots were certain to win the AFC East- who else was gonna win, the Dolphins? Gimme a break!- and were likely to go onto the Super Bowl? And how did that work out again?

Packer fans are worked up about the last month of the 09 schedule, with the Ravens, the Steelers and then a trip to Glendale the last weekend of the season for the Cards (excellent weather be damned). And I say, no worries. Because at least one of those teams is going to fall from where they finished last season, and the most likely candidate to do so is the Arizona Cardinals. I don't konw if it's gonna be trading Boldin, I don't know if Warner's gonna step on a scorpion getting out of his jacuzzi, all I know is that team's gonna struggle this year to stay ahead of the Niners and make the playoffs. Fitzgerald is an absolute monster, but if you have a rag-armed reject from the cast of the OC throwing the ball to him, it ain't gonna matter.

And I'm a guy who actually likes the Cardinals. I just know too well who they are.

Fletch said...

I hear about this goddamn story every day, so here's my two cents: in theory, yes, they would be retarded to trade Boldin. Two years left, still young enough, great production, low salary (haha). But what if Boldin, egged on by Superagent decides to hold out this year? Do you let him sit on his ass and rot just to spite him?

I might. They won't. Their big fear is getting nothing, or even less than the nothing they're getting offered now for him.