Friday, March 27, 2009

The Weak Ender

The Jets are believed to be one of ten teams in the hunt for Jay Cutler. And if you saw the Jets depth chart, you could understand why. For the Jets, Cutler makes perfect sense.

The team went for the old whiner last year, so the younger model would be a much bigger upgrade.

But what team wouldn't want Cutler? Try the Vikings. Turns out the Vikings had a deal going for Cutler, but backed off. Really? With Sage Rosenfels and Tarvaris Jackson as your two quarterbacks, the Vikings decided that they didn't want Cutler.

Uh, o.k.

The Cowboys aren't trading Tony Romo for Cutler, either. That's a shame. The NFL needs a good shakeup trade like that. But for now, the teams will carrying on with their high profile and playoff disappointing quarterbacks.

Also in the news, Tony Gonzalez may or may not be seeking a trade. Seriously does anybody in the AFC West want to play for their current team?

Sorry, Raiders players don't count.

To see more Cowgirl, check this out. Thanks EB.

Dr. Doug is not getting any work done today. Nor is his brother.

Al Davis was sitting in Dana Point on Wednesday, spinning yarns about the AFL. He also spent some time pimping a couple of his former players for the Hall of Fame -- Cliff Branch (no), Jim Plunkett (yes) and Tom Flores (yes). That's right, Plunkett and Flores should be in.

Davis even went on to ask, "What other quarterback has won two Super Bowls and isn't in the Hall of Fame?"

The answer: Tom Brady.

Here was Al's response: "He won the "Tuck Game," (expletive) him," Davis said, and the room erupted. "He did win it, the son of a (female dog)."

Still too soon, I guess.

And he's still sharp, Raiders fans ... get used to seeing him for a long time.

Also in Raiders news JaMarcus Russell showed up for voluntary workouts. As the NFL's largest quarterback in the wake of Jared Lorenzen's banishment from the league, maybe Russell shouldn't have already skipped a week of workouts. The dude isn't T.O., and he isn't going to be, how do we say it, diligent in is conditioning. If he ever wants to be a serious quarterback -- as Tom Cable said this week -- he needs to start taking this stuff seriously.

Duke loses, and the world seems good again. Now, Duke doesn't seem to be the power that it once was, drawing in the McDonald's All-America's -- or at least keeping them around. But as long as it says DUKE on the jersey, its losing is a wonderful thing.

And in these economic times where they don't report good news out of fear of not being able to jam us with spending bills, this Duke loss is wonderful.


R.J. said...

It's always a wonderful day when Duke loses in the NCAA tournament.

Cowgirl looked hot in most of those pictures. Surprised A-Fraud hasn't hooked up with het yet.

Bokolis said...

Kerry Rhodes came on the radio this morning and said that he doesn't want the Jets to trade for Cutler, but stopped short of calling him a (CUNextTuesday).

Did Al really say Calvin (not Cliff) Branch?

I'm not sure he's gotten over the Immaculate Reception. The NFL must consider two dynasties forged on questionable calls at his expense his comeuppance.

Saying that Duke lost implies that they showed up.

I'll take pic 5 on Cowgirl...still haven't seen her wandering about town, but the nightlife here is at cow-town lows. She's probably trolling around Hoboken anyway. A-Fraud is into the blondes.

THN said...

Ah man, it is Cliff Branch.

WCT said...

you hate Erin Andrews, yet you continue to foster the "career" of the cowskank by posting pics of her. Incredible...

buckyor said...

I'm just amazed this has been up more than 24 hours with no comment from Diane.

DAWUSS said...

Cowgirl has a lot in common with Joe the Plumber

JSpicoli said...

He forgot Stabler, the most deserving of the Raider HOF slights. Dude invented the 2 minute drill, besides all the MVP, passing title, SB stuff. I think Davis still has a boner for Stabler or he would have mentioned his name as well.

Diane said...

Oh sure, I check into the hospital for a coupla days and come home to find Cowgirl greeting me.

Thanks, THN

Diane said...

p.s. my fav photos are the ones where they add props to make it looks like she can read and write

buckyor said...

Thank you for not letting me down, even in the face of inpatient surgery.

THN said...

Hope things are good, D.

Did you hear about the thing that happened outside of Turc's?

Diane said...

Leaving for the hospital at 5 am Thursday there was a bunch of police cars and crime scene tape - found out the details later . . .

things are good - just taking it easy at home now.