Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sade de la Tarde

This picture certainly isn't from the Fail Blog, but it is a full-on fail. Does Josh McDaniels really want to keep taunting Jay Cutler this way? He's only a holdout away from starting the season with Chris Simms. And does anybody really want that?

These public displays where he is taunting his quarterback are really not going to help. Nor is sending text messages. Could you imagine Vince Lombardi sending Bart Starr a text message? Too bad Max McGee isn't around to comment on that. Hmmm.

Of course, the text message would be to tell Starr to get McGee out of the bar.

  • You know when those guys said that Sienna didn't have a prayer? They meant it.

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R.J. said...

You mean the Clippers are still around? They should have been killed off when they left San Diego and its two thousand diehard b-ball fans a quarter century ago.