Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Post Mortem

The spat between the Raiders and Lane Kiffin has turned junior high right now. Al Davis is behaving like a jilted girl friend, calling her ex's new girlfriend to tell her just how rotten the guy she dated is. Makes sense, though, because Davis has gone senile and is experiencing his second childhood.

The Raiders sent a letter (the team of the decades doesn't use email) to the University of Tennessee to let the school know what a snot Kiffin is. But the Volunteers, having lived with Kiffin for a few months now, don't need to be told.

The Raiders did remind Tennessee that they had five decades of greatness, but clearly emphasized that the greatness was in the past. As evident by the team's letter writing campaign.

You can check a copy of the letter, here.

If you have time between doing your brackets this morning, you should really check it out. My favorite passage was that Davis was pissed because Kiffin and the Tennessee AD were laughing at the Raiders.

Dude, that's everybody.

I'm not sure if what the Raiders are doing is even legal, but you have to admire the team's dogged determination to get back at Kiffin. The team wasn't even this pissed at Tom Walsh, who was much worse for the organization.

  • There was more Cutler news over the weekend, speaking of junior high level antics. Jay Cutler now wants to be traded. The Broncos should honor that request and send him to the Lions.
  • America certainly takes a lot of pride in the World Baseball Classic. Getting the mercy rule by Puerto Rico? Guess the U.S. is going to be trying out some of its missiles again real soon.
Arizona's bid is a joke. Don't believe in Utah State. And Washington is my sleeper.

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Seitz said...

I'd be more upset about the Arizona bid if there was a deserving team that was left out instead. St. Mary's? Please. Arizona faced Gonzaga once and beat them. St. Mary's had three bites at the apple and came away empty every time.

Don't be surprised when Arizona wins its first round game. And I HATE HATE HATE Arizona, but I can't muster up much anger that they're in. Penn State may have been more deserving, but it's tough to get 8 teams in from an 11 team conference.

Anonymous said...

UNLV was more deserving then Arizona.