Monday, March 02, 2009

The Post Mortem

Jay Cutler is pissed because his name was mentioned in trade talks over the weekend. And with all of the Super Bowls and playoff wins he has delivered over the years, you can understand why he would be so upset.

Cutler has a chance to be good. He has a live arm and he’s shown some flashes. But so has Matt Cassel. The two quarterbacks are equal right now in that they both have talent and have yet to deliver their team to the playoffs.

And get over the whole notion that Cassel didn’t start in college. Yeah, message received. Right now, the quarterbacks are just about even. So put yourself in Josh McDaniels' position. You are taking over a new team. You have a good quarterback. But you could trade for a good quarter – a player you groomed. So you could have your own guy at quarterback plus a bunch of draft picks to rebuild a defense that is switching to the 3-4.

Were the Broncos that crazy for considering the trade?

Here are some of the major storylines heading in to the second week of free agency.

  • Arizona – Are the Cardinals losing credibility it finally earned by letting Kurt Warner talk to the 49ers? Arizona lost its offensive coordinator, fired its defensive coordinator and could be ready to commence the Matt Leinart Era 2.0. In other words, they are back to acting like the Cardinals again.

  • San Francisco – Are they really in the hunt for Warner? Would the Warner Machine still thrive in SF, moving from Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin to Isaac Bruce and Brandon Jones?

  • Seattle – Don’t seem as active as a team that finished with the fourth overall selection in the 2009 NFL Draft. Unlike other teams making a coaching change, the team was not gutted. A lot of different factors could be at work here, writing 2008 because of injuries. Jim Mora has already been with the team for a while. Still, after losing Maurice Morris, they still need to get another running back to pair with Julius Jones.

  • St. Louis FC -- The team needs to get more active in free agency before returning home to Southern California.

  • Kansas City – Traded for Cassel, but has it done enough to protect its quarterback on the offensive line? Here’s something to consider too, did the Patriots disrespect the Chiefs by trading Cassel there believe Denver is more of a threat?

  • Oakland – The Raiders seem quiet, but maybe they only make huge free agent moves during the season.

  • San Diego – Aren’t early player in free agency, but have a lot of issues to talk about with LaDainian Tomlinson and – more long term – Shawne Merriman.

  • Philadelphia – The Eagles didn’t get T.J. Houghvmsadgxcbzsadeh, meaning another year of giving Donovan McNabb another excuse as to why he sucks in the clutch. Why should the Eagles sign a good WR? McNabb will just piss him off and chase him to a division rival.

  • Dallas -- The Cowboys signed linebacker Keith Brooking, despite being connected with Ray Lewis for so long. Do the Cowboys not value leadership? Plus, without cornerbacks Pacman Jones and Anthony Henry, what is the team going to do about the secondary? This team had DeMarcus Ware and his 20 sacks and the secondary was still miserable. This team needs an upgrade.


Diane said...

I'd make some snide remark about KWM and SF, but that rumor is a step up from the rumor that SF was looking at Michael "hang 'em if they don't win" Vick

The Hatriot said...

Hmmmm. I seem to remember somebody posting that all that fashionable homeless would be wearing Warner Cardinal jersies this year. Although, I believe his keen insight was drowned out by the sound of the WAAAAAAmbulance.

In the "oooh! oooh! Ask me!" catagory: Do the Cowboys not value leadership? No. Go ahead, ask me if the McCourts care about competing in the post-season or if the Clippers emphasize retaining talent...

All kidding aside, my verification word is "penieses". I got nothing.