Monday, March 30, 2009

The Post Mortem: Boston Still Sucks

Good news everybody, I found something new that irritates me: dude in Cellbitch jersey rooting for Tiger Woods. You might want to check the scorecard there, skipper, because Tiger Woods is from Orange County. Went to Western High School in Anaheim. Doesn't Boston have a golfer that Tiger can beat?

But then again, the guy was wearing a Paul Pierce jersey, so it's not like he has any homegrown heroes to root for..

As Tiger lined up for the clincher on a dusky Sunday night, was there any doubt that he was going to make that putt? None of the tournament executives were even sweating that Tiger would miss. If anything, they might have been nervous that Sean O'Hair might actually make the thing.

There was no way that Tiger was going to miss.

So enjoy the Master's, everybody else is playing for second place.

Why does Terrell Owens continue to prattle on about the Cowboys? Like he's some girl you are dating who won't stop talking about your ex. Hey T.O. you've heard this right, if you can't be with the one you love, love the one you are with.

At least he might stop by the team's voluntary workouts this week while he's in Buffalo.

That's nice, T.O. What are you going to do when you alienate every team in the NFL? Maybe you and Jay Cutler can team up to form your own squad of malcontents.

  • Is Jay Glazer well known enough to be doing his own Subway commercial? What kind of stuff is that. How about Michael Strahan for that matter?
  • The Bud Light drinkability commercial with the skier has seemingly been pulled off the air -- did Liam Neeson pull some sort of Jedi mind trick? Yet, that little girl point to Howie Long's crotch, proclaiming "That's a big girl's seat" is still on the air. What's worse, they started so that commercial during the "To Catch a Predator" marathon. At least they know their audience.

Get well wishes to Diane who has been out of commission lately. But reports are that she's doing good. Sorry for the Cowgirl photo.


Diane said...

Hey - better Cowgirl than Brenda Warner.

Sun Devil said...

I would suggest THN log on to the NCAA baseball gametracker, or find streaming video, for quite the series mid-week. George Horton, licking his wounds from a beating at the hands of OSU, will be watching, saddened at the decline of what he created.

R.J. said...

That drinkability commercial is still on the air. Saw it during F1 and NASCAR this weekend, plus the Leafs game on CBC in Canada.