Wednesday, March 11, 2009

McGee: I have no time for Cutler

Max McGee joined The Hater Nation as a corespondent for Super Bowl 43. And he contributed just one post, when he promised like five. But now he won't go away and wants to post more. So why not, I'm too lazy to post now anyway. Take it away, Max.

Jay Cutler needs to grow a pair. He’s obviously the product of the current athletic system where these spoiled brats are spoon-fed from birth and are never told ‘no.’ Cutler met with the owner and coach and said that his feelings were hurt because he was almost traded.

If any of us ever went up to coach Lombardi to talk about our feelings, we’d find ourselves on the wrong end of a rolled up program. Let me tell you, on those cold Green Bay afternoons, that program carried quite a wallop.

I also have a little trouble relating to today’s modern athlete because we were men back in our day. Now these pansies want to talk about feelings and how bad life is because they were almost traded. Back in my day, if you went 17-20 as a starter, you found your ass on the bench. We didn’t hold conference calls and ask to have our hands held while our testicles finally dropped.

And the guy looks like a milk drinker, too.

The Broncos would be better off to get rid of this loser and go with this Chris Simms guy. Simms once nearly died on the field because he had a ruptured spleen. Now that’s a football player. He didn’t sit around talking about his feelings, he went out and played. That’s the kind of guy I’d like to take out drinking on Saturday night, and then catch passes from the following day.

Say, you don’t need a spleen to drink do ya? Not that it would matter to him, he’s a real man.


Vito said...

Dear Jay,

Peter Forsberg said...

Say, you don’t need a spleen to drink do ya?

In Swedens we drinks wid our mouts.