Friday, February 27, 2009

The Weak Ender

Oh look, the UFC now has its own Divas fighting. Where has that been done before? Oh yes, the WWF.

Let’s check the scorecard real quick, shall we? The UFC has Brock Lesnar, Ken Shamrock and now a bunch of hot chicks fighting, like Gina Carano.

Who still believes that the UFC is real? Stupid marks.

More pictures: With Lethur

That certainly didn’t take long, but Albert Haynesworth has signed with the Redskins and Bart Scott has joined the Jets.

Haynesworth signing is no surprise at all because he was destined to play for the Redskins as the highest paid defender in league history. And potentially the biggest bust in free agent history. Even Al Davis sees this one coming.

Haynesworth’s lone NFL contribution was stepping on the head of a defenseless offensive lineman, Andre Gurode. And until that time, he was just a poor-man’s version of John Henderson.

But then Haynesworth entered his contract year and played well. He was franchised and he played well once again. Now that he’s richest defensive player in NFL history, do you think he’s going to strive to get better or will that defenseless head belong to Daniel Snyder? That outcome should come as no surprise, either.

Scott will likely fair better. Normally, you would cringe when a guy sandwich between two talented linebackers in Baltimore takes the money and runs. But he’s joining former defensive coordinator Rex Ryan. Meaning, if Scott was a linebacking version of Alvin Harper, Ryan would know. The fact that Ryan wanted him so bad shows me that he’s going to be pretty good with the Jets.

And then there’s the Kurt Warner Machine on the open market. But after watching him play at New England last year, even the most ardent KWM fans know that he should stay indoors. Not that he couldn’t thrive in, say, Miami. Because he did win outdoor games in Carolina and was good in the Super Bowl. But come on guys, get this deal done.

  • Manny Ramirez rejected a two-year deal from the Dodgers. Man-Ram obviously doesn’t want to play in spring training. Can’t figure out why, Arizona is sweet this time of year. But think of this lineup: SS Punch-And-Judy (pick any of the three), LF Bobby Abreu, DH Manny Ramirez, RF Vlady, CF Torii Hunter, C Mike Napoli, 1b Riveria/Morales, 3b Brandon Wood, 2b Howie Kendrick. Does that work for you, Angels fan?

Skip Bayless obviously didn’t care for Jeff Pearlman’s Boys will be Boys which chronicled the 1990s Dallas Cowboys. The book chronicled the team of the 1990s, but also painted Barry Switzer and Bayless as clueless buffoons. (Switzer and Bayless are tight.)

Not that there’s anything wrong with being a clown. In fact, you can’t blame Switzer for doing what he did. Could you honestly say that if you were the coach of the Cowboys and had no clue what you are doing, you wouldn’t end up living it up? That’s just smart.

Bayless, of course, retaliates by drumming up the old Troy Aikman is gay and racists claims. Claims that were refuted in Pearlman’s book. Bayless has never been one for credibility. He once claimed that Aikman nearly threw a game against the Rams in 1991 because he wanted to get traded. But the latest round of lies – fabricated by former Oklahoma coach John Blake – is a new low. Even for Bayless.

But if you saw that shirt Bayless was wearing on First and 10 on Thursday, you know that he can sink even lower.


DAWUSS said...

The Kurt Warner Machine is probably headed to the St. Louis Rams for a year or two before calling it a career.

Diane said...

I can't be the only who doesn't care if Aikman is gay.

R.J. said...

Bayless is a hack with a loud mouth. Kind of like Jim Rome but with less credibility.

Diane said...

Ok, I ordered the Pearlman book on Amazon. Couldn't resist a book that starts with Michael Irvin stabbing a guy in the neck.

Anonymous said...