Monday, February 02, 2009

Steelers beat my record

Max McGee joined The Hater Nation as a corespondent for Super Bowl 43. And he contributed just one post, when he promised like five. But how he won't go away, so why not, I'm too lazy to post now anyway. Take it away, Max.

Congratulations Steelers, you are now halfway to our mark of 12 championships. That's right fruit lips, the NFL has had titles long before the Super Bowl started. Hell, I have five titles of my own. The Packers organization has 12 world championships. The Steelers have only six. The Packers are only a few years older, too, as the Steelers started in 1933. So don't give me any gruff about our early titles.

Now I would like to share a few observations about the Super Bowl. First, I was getting wobbly in my boots when Jeff Reed was warming up for a potential tying kick. He was the only guy getting any face time for boozing. If he would have missed that kick, he would have doomed us all. We would have had a lot of do-gooders out there in the NFL. And we don't need any of that crap. We want football players to be men.

That leads me to my second point. The Cardinals weren't man enough to win the Super Bowl. Quentin Demps laid out Kurt Warner -- the machine I think you guys call him -- in the NFC Championship Game. And those pansies did nothing. No retaliation or anything. If anybody had tried that with Bart Starr, we would have sent their guy to the hospital. The Cardinals should have knocked the crap out of Donovan McNabb. Or maybe some guy who is actually good, like Brian Westbrook.

And now look at this punk from the Cardinals.

What's he doing? Fight back right there. Don't let that guy take advantage of you. The Steelers were completely out-thugging the Cardinals and nobody took a shot at Ben Roethlisberger. Though, with all of the referees throwing Terrible Towels on the field, they might have been ejected. But somebody needed to take a stand.

Don't let him push you around. If you let them push you around like that, you deserve to lose. The Cardinals need to get a little tougher. So congratulations, Steelers.

Who wants a drink?


Richard III said...

A horse! My kingdom for a horse!

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DAWUSS said...

In other news, the CFL released the 2009 season schedule today.

Anonymous said...

When did Max develop the lisp?

Anonymous said...

Whoever writes something like this is a punk. We played a better game than alot of Pittsburg opponents, in super bowl history. Respect for Arizona Cardinals 2009.