Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Post Mortem

Poor Michael Crabtree. First, Matt Millen gets fired, ruining his chance to be the first overall selection in the 2009 NFL Draft. And now he's got a stress fracture in his foot. Bummer, dude.

The NFL's attempt to remain relevant until the start of spring training baseball games and March Madness will come to a close this week. The more the combine continues, the more evident it becomes that the Lions are screwed.

The Lions have a lot of needs. Like 11 needs on defense. And 10 on offense. The Lions just don't have enough picks to address them all, even with an extra pick in the first round. The Lions would be able to deal that No. 1 pick in an ideal world to get some more help, but that's not going to happen. Instead, they are going to be left with one of the following players.

Andre Smith. The offensive tackle from Alabama showed up to the combine out of shape. He went AWOL by leaving early, causing a huge commotion. And he will probably be a bust. In other words, he's almost a Lion already.

Aaron Curry. He's a nice player. Probably the safest bet on the field. But for the money he is going to command as the top pick in the draft, he won't be able to live up to being the first overall selection. Not sure if he will become a Ray Lewis or Patrick Willis type.

B.J. Raji. Another nice player who will never be able to live up to the expectations of being the top pick. Curry and Raji are solid and are probably the best options. But they won't be able to live up to their salary numbers and will likely end up being cut in a couple of years.

Matthew Stafford. Just what the Lions need, a quarterback with a double chin. Stafford is on the Lions radar because he went to the same high school at Bobby Layne. That's the kind of information that the Lions find useful. Not the fact that he's just not good. In the end, he will probably be the guy that the Lions go with.

  • Ray Lewis told DeMarcus Ware that he wants to play for the Cowboys. Funny that the Cowboys are looking for somebody who was acquitted of murder to clean up the team's image. Rumor has it that O.J. Simpson was going to be a special team consultant before he busted into some dude's hotel room in Las Vegas. Nice work, boys.
  • Garret Anderson will join Casey Kotchman in Atlanta as the Braves attempt to become the new Cardinals.
  • Ocean's 11 and The Rock were on cable this weekend. The same weekend as the Oscars. Fitting since these two epic films were gypped during their award seasons.

Call it the buyer's remorse. But the Raiders have already rid themselves of DeAngelo Hall and Gibril Wilson. Now they are looking to cut Javon Walker. Why bother cutting him? Just take him to Las Vegas to "fix the glich?"

Love R.J.'s comment to the Weak Ender -- Marvin Harrison will play for the Raiders this season. Because of Gomer's epic choking, Harrison's disappearing act during the playoffs often goes overlooked. He obviously won't have to worry about that with the Raiders.


R.J. said...

The Raiders should send Walker to Vegas. If they book now, he can probably get 30% off his room at Caesars Palace this summer.

Can't help with the champagne by the case, though. He's on his own there.

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