Sunday, February 08, 2009

The Post Mortem

LeBron James is officially a member of the Manning family.

James is like a cross between a Manning brother and soccer player. Either he is withering on the ground in pain, or he's placing his hands around his throat as he gags in another big game. Even Patrick Ewing would have to cringe when he watches James in a monster game. And what is worse, is that his absentee father was watching his two boys in the Pro Bowl instead of taking in the huge Cavaliers vs. Lakers tilt.

James just seems like a fraud. He's good for some triple doubles and, like his brother Gomer, makes an amusing commercial here and there. But damn, he's just not a great clutch player.

Kobe was getting IV fluids and still outplayed him. LeBron should stick to getting triple double doubles in the Garden, but leave the winning for somebody else.

And for the record, if Lamar Odom played like that last year in the finals, well, there would have been a parade in Los Angeles. Celebrating an NBA title that is.

  • Let's get this out of the way, too. Adam Morrison was so happy to be traded to the Lakers, he shed tears of joy. Haha. Watch, Morrison is going to end up thriving with the Lakers. More Trevor Ariza, less Kwame Brown.
  • Nice work by the NBA to put Lakers v. Celtics and Lakers v. Cavs in the week following the Super Bowl. This is why the Pro Bowl doesn't work, people. Exhibition games against meaningful games (well, as meaningful as a regular-season NBA game can be) is a no-brainer.
  • For some reason, the NFL's moving the Pro Bowl to Miami next year still seems like a push to make Hawaii build a new stadium. The NFL wouldn't care about the ratings if Hawaii had a state-of-the-art stadium.
  • Alex Rodriguez did steroids. Is there any reason to believe that any player during the 1990s was natural? More importantly, does A-Rod get into the Hall of Fame? A-Rod had better look at the way Jason Giambi dealt with his steroid taking, and the way Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds have gone about their business. Oh, and how about another apology to Jose Canseco.
  • Larry Fitzgerald finally got his MVP award, but it came a week too late. And when you saw him grab that ball at the end of the first half ... just kidding. Nobody was watching.

There was a report that Michael Phelps was going to lose his Subway sponsorship. What kind of sandwich shop doesn't want to cater to stoners? They should even work this into a new promotion.



Four-twenty foot longs!

And don't try stealing that one (as it was, that was stolen from NFL Jennifer), but that joke has already been sold.


Sun Devil said...

Mark Grace didn't do steroids. All he needed was cigarettes, booze, and hooker spit.

DAWUSS said...

How many children does Archie Manning have now?

Gaylord said...

Whoa, whoa, let's wait until Lebron wins a championship (and preferably an Finals MVP)before inducting him into the Manning family, as of now he's just an overrated bum, not a proven winner like the Manning bros

WCT said...

Yes, LeBron James always chokes in big games. Like, that eastern conference finals triple overtime game two years ago when he scored like 48? Or, the eastern conference game 7 last year when he scored like 40?

Yesterday may have been a "big game" for the lakers, but it was just another regular season game for the Cavs.

WCT said...

Incidentally, after going 0-2 vs the lakers this year, LeBron "Manning" is still 6-5 in his career in these so-called "big games" vs Kobe

THN said...

I'm sorry, I didn't realize that the Cavs had won consecutive Eastern Conference titles. My bad. I don't follow the NBA that closely.

Anonymous said...

Eli threw the winning touchdown pass. Suck on that Haters!

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