Tuesday, February 24, 2009

McNabb Realizes He's the One that Sucks, Right?

Donovan McNabb recently told the Eagles that he is unwilling to talk about a contract extension until he sees the team upgrade its offensive talent. What, does he want the Eagles to make a trade for Matt Cassel during the offseason? That would be a tremendous upgrade.

But he's probably thinking of a free-agent receiver such as T.J. Huygheruiofgbvsdah, Marvin Harrison or somebody who can actually catch. Harrison would be the perfect compliment to McNabb. Both could go into the tank when the postseason starts. This might be a better destination for him than Oakland. That way, Harrison can relive Art Monk's legacy.

What's most amusing here is that McNabb still has two years remaining on his contract. Do the Eagles even want to extend him? They used a second round pick on Tommy Mad ... err, Kevin Kolb. The Eagles are going to need to make a move towards the future at some point. Why not now? McNabb and Andy Reid are 1-4 in NFC Championship Games. The time to move on is now. Not sure what McNabb could command in the open market, but the Eagles should make a move to get younger. One day they are going to wake up with a 4-12 football. Better to cut the losses now.

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DAWUSS said...

McNabb should go to Detroit