Monday, February 09, 2009

As *-Rod Wanders Through Steroids Hell

Nobody even wonders if Terrell Owens ever used steroids or HGH. There are 6-foot-4 guys running a 4.3 40-yard dash, and still, it's *-Rod who has to go on ESPN and explain his steroid use.

(Sure, A-Roid is much simpler, but come on, we need to do better than that people.)

People still hold baseball records sacred. They still care about the all-time marks, and comparing players through the eras. Football players, on the other hand, are just discarded warriors. Here for a few years, tear up their bodies and then move on. The NFL not only chews its players up by encouraging steroid use, they also neglect to give its senior players any health benefits.

But none of this matters because the third baseman for the Yankees once used steroids. Just wanted to make that clear.


R.J. said...

A-Fraud works, too.

Kordell said...

I'd hit it.

hcg said...

One moment, I'll post mine soon. just wanted to say I love your new site!