Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Your NFL MVP Update

Lost in all of the excitement of the league's true MVP guiding his team to the Super Bowl, Gomer was participating in some "lickoff" with his brother Eli. The two brothers were facing another pair of famed siblings, the Williams brothers for some promotion for some company. Really Gomer, there are so many now, it's hard to keep track. Not to say that you do a lot of ads, but Bill Cosby thinks you might be overexposed.

And if this was some sort of "playoff," we don't have to guess who won.

Gomer's participation in such an event -- during championship weekend -- is a fitting snapshot of his career. Gomer's best postseason performances have come during television ads, instead of on the football field.

Oh well, I hope he took the advice of his own Visa commercial and stayed that extra night in San Diego after getting eliminated from the playoffs. The weather out here is sweet.


Fletch said...

Eat da puddin'! [/the Coz]

R.J. said...

The weather won't be so sweet tomorrow night. Nothing but rain off and on until Tuesday.

Bokolis said...

Gun to your head, which one of the Williams brothers do you do?

Needless to say, the answer is: Eli.