Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Which LA Team Will Return First?

Don't listen to the rumors coming out of Minnesota or Jacksonville. The NFL team most likely to move to Los Angeles and live in Ed Roski's dream stadium north of Angels Stadium and Cal State Fullerton in the City of Industry will likely be returning to the region.

And no, it's not the Los Angeles Xtreme.

The three teams most likely to make LA home -- again -- are the Chargers, Rams and Raiders. And the Chargers fired the opening salvo on Tuesday, hiring a the Wasserman Group to handle all of its' marketing for Orange and Los Angeles counties.

While not a sign that the Chargers will move to Los Angeles, it ruffled enough feathers. Fans called the local radio stations claiming that the Chargers are on the move. But don't get too far ahead on this.

Roski does indeed want to bring a team to Los Angeles. He also wants to own a piece of it. Alex Spanos might be suffering from dementia, but selling the team doesn't seem likely. Not unless the taxes are going to get his son, Dean.

Al Davis also has no wishes to sell the team and would like to leave the Raiders for his son. But his son has no interest in running the team. Besides, Al still has about 30 more years to go before this will even become an issue.

That leaves the St. Louis FC. The team will have to be sold. And who better than Roski to return the team to Los Angeles?

No matter what you hear on the matter, the Chargers won't be coming to Los Angeles. They are just trying to market better, increase the season-ticket base. But for right now, when it comes to returning to LA, St. Louis FC has to be the leader in the clubhouse.

Of course, the Rams and Chargers could share the stadium ... let's not even think about that yet.


The Big Picture said...

didn't the angels just officially move back to anaheim? my vote's with them.

R.J. said...

The Bolts are as good as gone if AJ kicks LT to the curb. What better way to make them lame ducks at the Q?