Friday, January 30, 2009

The Weak Ender

When you speak of The Hater Nation backing the Kurt Warner Machine, it goes back further than just this season. In fact, let's look back to a post from November, 2006.

The game might have passed by Britney Spears, but these eyes will always view her in the same light as Kurt Warner. Sure, she might not be what she once was; her confidence might be shaken; she has a bad spouse and yeah, she might fumble a kid here and there. (Who hasn't?) But for a glorious three-year run, she was on top of the world. A fact that cannot be challenged even if she made another eight seasons of Chaotic.

So go ahead and make fun of her if you will, but remember this. The divorce from Brenda Federline only means that she is going to be getting back into the game. And you know what that means—a Playboy spread is coming soon. Oh yeah, laugh it up now, but you know you will be the first in line to buy that issue.

Now leading into Super Bowl XLIII the KWM is at the top of the world, and Britney is back in her Toxic-hot phase.

BTW, this is probably THN's favorite Britney photo. But this is a family site.

Let's talk about the game!

Probably the most annoying story of Super Bowl week is Larry Fitzgerald Sr. Wow, some sports writer's son is playing in the Super Bowl. Do any of you, not in the business, actually care about this angle? No. But for the vast majority of sports writers who like to print stories of their daughter's high school softball games, this is big news.

Will Larry Sr. be objective? Will he cheer in the press box? Will he eat nachos or pop corn during the game? The answer is both. He's a sports writer, right?

Larry Fitzgerald Sr. has easily surpassed Jerome Bettis is from Detroit as the most annoying story in Super Bowl history. And you would think that Warner would be the biggest story of the week. But even that has taken a back burner. Only because his dad isn't a sports writer.

  • Hines Ward knee also became a tiresome story this week. But expect him to pull the LaDainian Tomlinson. Might has well fit him with a colored visor so he can sulk on the sidelines.

Now comes time for the pick. And if you think The Hater Nation is picking the Cardinals, you are absolutely correct. The Steelers are a great team. The defense is awesome. And this game will likely be one of those 17-13 tilts.

A lot of times they are.

The Cardinals will find a way to win this game. The Panthers and Eagles were supposed to have overpowering defenses that would slow down the Cardinals. But they couldn't. Not even on the East Coast -- where the Cardinals never win. (Surprised that angle hasn't surfaced again.)

Warner showed in the NFC Championship Game that he can make the play to win the game. He also did it in Super Bowl XXXIV. Take Warner to be the MVP -- even if he honestly doesn't deserve it.

Hey, the Football Gods owe us for giving us back-to-back Manning wins.


DAWUSS said...

Hey, the Football Gods owe us for giving us back-to-back Manning wins.

I think they did enough for giving us anything but a Lucky Charms-Giants Super Bowl

The Hatriot said...

Yeah! And who will ever forget the way Kurt "What Kind of Dinosaur Did Jesus Ride" Warner lit up the last blue collar AFC team with a linebacker led defense he faced? Predicted post-game quote from KWM: "Who knew the Rapture involved a motorized cart and a head/neck immobilizer?"

BTW, my verification word is "cophol." Oddly enough, that's the code word Brett Favre uses when he calls up Rush Limbaugh's maid with an "order"!

Sun Devil said...

If the Cardinals win, it will be because Steve Breaston has the game of his life. Unlike ATL, CAR, and PHI, the Steelers are going to cover Larry Fitzgerald. Boldin is slow and angry. But Steve could come up big and become the game MVP.

However, I am not ready for the apocalypse, so pick the Steelers.

Max McGee said...

I'm taking the team that boozes the hardest on Saturday night.

Tony Dungy said...

So the brown fundies get a roast and the white ones get a blowjob? Brother, pass the Clorox!

james said...

I'll take the Cardinals.

BostonSucksMyBlog said...

go Cards. F The fraud steelers - they cant even score.

This is Britney at her peak. That half ime with Aerosmith and NSync.

Sun Devil said...

That Super Bowl halftime was terrible. Plus Brittney refused to sing the lyric "You ain't seen nuthin' till you're down on the muffin." Prude cunt.

Kaiser said...

I'm picking the steelers because of Brenda Warner. In the AP article about Kurt and the hall of fame, it says the warners have a tradition of picking up the tab for someone's table every time they go out to eat, and i quote Brenda: “I had been a single mother living on food stamps at one time who couldn’t ever afford to eat out, and I never understood why people give free meals to people who can afford them.”

so friday night they did just that. they paid for the meals of 20 steelers fans in Tampa, who obviously must have been hurting for cash for their grits after buying arifare and superbowl tickets.

Kurt...god wants you to upgrade.

Diane said...

There's a lesson there for other single mothers - follow Brenda's lead and use your food stamp money to go boozing at a Cowboy Bar. The man you meet might even have a good job some day.

buckyor said...

Someone who has the ear of Roger Goodell should tell him that it's not a good business model to follow the NBA.

Everyone In The World With Taste said...

Thank you, God.

Michael J. Fox said...


Sun Devil said...

Your girlfriend might not fuck you, and your wife might not fuck you, but my friend, the Cardinals will always fuck you.

(thanks, Artie Lange)

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