Monday, January 12, 2009

The Quiet Bigot Steps Down

The Hater Nation has never been quite about it's stance on Tony Dungy. And to be honest, Dungy is just a misguided bigot. He's nearly harmless. Honestly, who cares if a football coach is homophobic?

The most troubling thing is the way the media has chosen to portray Dungy. The infallible Dungy is never questioned on his remarks about homosexuals. The media doesn't want to challenge him because Dungy never raises his voice, never makes the media insignificant. And quite frankly, that's appalling. Dungy is given a free pass to engage in hateful rhetoric because the media likes his soft-spoken personality.

Hopefully Dungy will hold true to his word and he won't come back. The NFL is better off without him.

On that note, the THN Roast of Tony Dungy is coming next week!


The Big Picture said...

now it'd be funny if belichick was a philanthropist and a fighter for human rights.

Adam said...

What a fag

shwn said...

You love homosexuals or something or are you one. Iam Glad that they voted down gay marriage.

Fletch said...

As with your never-ending, somewhat irrational, yet honorable love of the KWM and the Cards, I'm glad you continue to roast Dungy for this when it would be so easy to do nothing.