Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Moron Gomer

Sorry, that should read, more on Gomer. My bad. But found this interesting tidbit on the Jaguars team site. No seriously, I can't explain why I was on the Jags' team site, but thankfully I was. Sometimes you find the best gems. Normally, team sites are filled with Titleist washers, pushing the agenda of the team. Not this time. Vic Ketchman really unloaded on Gomer. So much so, he has an open invitation to join The Hater Nation.

What is it with you Peyton Manning apologists? He was nearly intercepted four times and three of those should've been intercepted and returned for touchdowns. The only play he made in the second half was catching the Chargers off guard and lobbing a touchdown pass to an uncovered receiver. In his last four possessions, with the game on the line and the Colts only needing one more score to clinch the win, Manning managed a total of 20 plays for 38 net yards. Hey, that's crunch time, baby. A day after he wins the league MVP, he gags with the game on the line and does his usual one-and-done routine. When are you people gonna get off your knees? The guy is 7-8 in career postseason games and six times he's lost in the first playoff game of that year's postseason; three times in the last four years. Manning did not do his job. His job is to win. His job is to get it done at crunch time.

A High Life tallboy is in it for the first person who sends a question to Vic about Tony Dungy and gets it answered.


DAWUSS said...

I first read the title as "Mormon Gomer", thinking that the NFL's most overrated QB was joining the Mormon Church. Not that there's anything wrong with that, mind you (IIRC the Manning family is Southern Baptist, BTW)

Diane said...

I can't decide which is worse - you bothering to look up the Jags official site, or that someone wrote to a guy at the Jags website to ask about a guy on the Colts.

You guys know there is porn online, right?