Monday, January 26, 2009

Let Them Play

The Mountain West conference is pushing for inclusion to the BCS, rightfully looking for a piece of its own economic pie.

What isn't a surprise is that many of the member schools (make that all of them) aren't really feeling the Mountain West. And really, why should they? Just take a look at some of the member BCS schools.

The Pac-10 was humiliated by the Mountain West during the regular season. Arizona did get over on BYU in the Las Vegas Bowl. But outside of USC, do you see a Pac-10 team that would be favored over Utah?

The Big Ten, well, they suck. And if the Mountain West was in the BCS, how would the conference get a second, undeserving team into a bowl game?

And then, there's the SEC. Outside of, well, nobody, is there an SEC team that would be favored to beat Utah? Well, favored is a bad example. But is there an SEC team that you would expect to beat Utah? No. Not unless your are a Florida honk.

The Mountain West should continue to push for this. And really, the conference should look to increase its strength by adding Boise State. That would make the conference a true football force. Then the BCS would no longer be able to ignore them.

Tip to Reader Matt P.


Sun Devil said...

Yes, but the MWC doesn't know how to party like the big conferences. SehC tailgates? Legendary. Big 11 pregame parties? Sadly, the stuff of legend. ehCC gameday? Pretty good. The Big East is lacking, so perhaps they should be demoted. Big 12? Just like a NASCAR Sunday: drunk and slutty.

And I don't think I need to go into the best of them all, the Pac 10. Jimmy Kimmel showed a tame, TV-friendly version of this on his show a few years back, which is linked.

THN said...

UNLV sells hard alcohol at its sporting events. Game. Set. Match.

THN said...

Dawuss -- there is another school for you to consider. UNLV.

R.J. said...

My Aztecs almost beat the Golden Domers in their own crib. That should scare the Big 10 right there.

Kyle said...

The ACC has as many wins in BCS games as the Mountain West. Difference is ten attempts vs. two. That right there should be case enough for the MWC. Well, that and having the 2008 National Champs.