Thursday, January 01, 2009

Big Ten Does It Again

Congratulations to Ohio State, because it would take an awfully savage beating to try to come close to the embarrassment that Penn State suffered in the Rose Bowl. Maybe now, Big Ten will finally have to admit that USC is pretty good at football. You can no longer hide behind the excuse that USC has excelled against the No. 2 team in the Big Ten. USC played the conference's best, and there was no doubt.

Of course, you can still try to spin it that Penn State wasn't as good as some recent Ohio State teams. But you've run out of excuses. Time for the Big Ten to lose it's automatic BCS berth. Not to mention, multiple BCS bids. That should never happen again. (Even if Ohio State miracles a win over Texas.)

Not sure if you notice, either, but the morbid Pac-10 went undefeated during the bowl season. Sometimes, it's not how you start, but how you finish. The Pac-10 took some lumps early this season, but finished pretty well.


lumps said...

This started with the spanking that the Oregon Ducks gave the Little 12' representative, Okie State.

WCT said...

Its nice playing Bowl games 10 miles from your campus, isn't it? Everyone knew Penn State had no chance in this game. OSU held PSU to 13 points (6 of which were gifts) and they couldn't get it done against Iowa.

Plus, this Pac-10 bowl record is a bit inflated. Anyone who saw that Oregon State-Pitt game knows it was the single worst football game in recorded history. The teams traded turnover after turnover and Ore st. ended up winning by the whopping 3-0 score. Thrilling. Arizona is good. Oregon over Ok St? eh. Cal over Miami? eh.

Why is it the Pac-10 has no bowl tie-ins with the SEC? When was the last time a top Pac-10 team played a top SEC team in any game, at any point of the season, bowls or otherwise?

lumps said...

As for the SEC games, the SEC won't do home and home's with the Pac-10, they want the Pac-10 to always come to their fields.

The bowl tie-ins are business decisions, just like the SEC's. Funny about the 10 mile crack since the SEC hardly ever plays outside of the south, unless it is their annual teeth-kicking of an overrated Big-10 team.

5-0 is still 5-0 even if it is beating up on inferior conferences like the Big East, ACC, Little 12 or others.

lefhanded said...

When did anyone from the Big Ten ever say that USC was not good at football? I don't recall anyone ever discounting USC and/or the Pac-10.

Let's not get too far out over your skies with your self promotion/Pac-10 bias.

Kyle said...

RE: Pac-10 vs. SEC
Arizona State played Georgia this season, and LSU in '04 and '05. Arizona played LSU in '06. USC played Arkansas in '05 and '06. Oregon State lost to LSU in three OTs in '04.

RE: Bowl tie-ins
There are no Pac-10 tie-ins with the SEC, but since that's apples-to-oranges because those lines were mostly drawn decades ago, let's do apples-to-apples:
Big 10 in bowls vs. ranked opponents and Pac 10
Pac: 8 (PSU), 16 (BYU), 13 (OK State), 20 (Pitt), UR (Miami)
Big 10: 5 (SC), 25 (Mizzou), 17 (UGa), UR (S. Carolina), UR (Kansas)

Despite boasting fewer bowl teams, the Pac played more ranked teams, and on average higher ranked teams.

RE: Bowl location
Sorry that fans don't want to attend bowl games in places where it's 10-below and snowing. Maybe the Rose Bowl and Murder City Bowl can alternate who hosts the Annual Big 10 Depantsing Presented By Citi.

Kyle said...

With Utah's defeat of Alabama, the Mountain West has the same number of victories in BCS bowls from 2004-2008 as the Big 10 in six fewer tries.

And unlike UU in 2004, this can't be pinned on a shitty opponent. Utah led wire-to-wire against a 12-1 SEC team that held the No. 1 spot in the polls for six weeks.

THN said...

Utah beat the hell out of them. Alabama couldn't even score an offensive touchdown in the first half.

DAWUSS said...

The MWC is stronger than most people are willing to admit, let alone accept.

Alabama's problem was that they underestimated the Utes, and then were totally shocked in the first quarter. Late in the 4th quarter, you could tell that the Tide fans were totally out of that game. Not to mention that the offense wasn't able to do anything at all. They need to recruit an OL and a QB.

I still might apply to Alabama though. Who knows. I still have over 6 months to make up my mind.

gerard e. said...

No more Big Ten. Not in any bowl game above Bowl level. Crap their pants on national stage. Paterno acts like senile old fart. Goodbye and good riddance.

Mac Mays said...

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