Monday, December 15, 2008

Who Now Will Lead Chiefs Rebuilding Plan?

The Chiefs' 20-year rebuilding plan took a serious hit on Monday when GM Carl Peterson resigned from his job. The Chiefs were an automatic playoff team during Marty Schottenheimer's tenure (1989-1998), but now, not so much. Dick Vermeil had one glory run in 2003 that ended with a loss to the Colts. Herm Edwards also had a playoff appearance in 2006 that ended with a loss to the Colts. And hell, even Schottenheimer lost to the Colts in the 1995 playoffs.

But when you look at the worst franchises in the NFL, the Chiefs really do get a free pass even though they haven't really been competitive in a long time. Even Vermeil's 13-3 team in 2003 had a pretty bad defense that you knew wasn't going to work in the postseason. Still, the Chiefs are overlooked for being miserable.

Hell, if their running back didn't spit in chick's faces, would we even care about the Chiefs?


Diane said...

What can I say? I have a soft spot for the Chiefs for giving Marcus Allen a place to re-claim his career from Evil Al, and because of local boy, Tony Gonzalez.

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