Tuesday, December 23, 2008

They Are Wasting One of the Best Bowl Games

The Poinsettia Bowl figures to be one of the best -- if not the best -- games of the college bowl season and here it is being wasted tonight. Now it's bad enough that the terrorists that run the BCS picked Ohio (we couldn't score a touchdown against USC) State to be in a BCS bowl, but they had to stick these WAC and Mountain West super powers in a Tuesday-night game.

And honestly, if there is ever a second civil war it will be triggered because some undeserving team from the Big Ten is put in a college championship that it doesn't belong in. And that doesn't just count football. How many times must Big Ten schools host college baseball regionals they don't deserve? Not to say that the Big Ten is bad in baseball. But you could take Division III Champman University (Orange) and drop them in the Big Ten and I would guarantee that they would win the division.

But hey, given how much the Rust Belt blows,guess we should let them have their BCS bowl bids and such. I mean, how bad must your life suck when the only thing you have to look forward to is your crappy school getting humiliated by one of the big boys? Again.


Diane said...

Screw the BCS. WTF are the Angels doing in the off-season? Is Juan Rivera really going to be their big signing?

Kyle said...

Is the winner of this game unofficially declared, "Team that should have been in the Fiesta Bowl instead of the Suckeyes"?

buckyor said...

So let's see: the number 1 team in the PAC 10 beat the number 2 team in the Big Ten at home by 32. The number 1 team in the Big Ten beat the number 2 team in the PAC 10 at home by 31.

Meanwhile, outside of USC, the entire PAC 10 was treated like a little bitch by the Mountain West Conference, the WAC, and Cudahy High School. Anybody in that conference besides USC would be double digit underdogs to the cast from Rent..

So remind me again how awful the Big Ten is?

Kyle said...

We're talking about a team from the MWC and another from the WAC, buckyor. But, since you mentioned the Pac: Oregon State didn't finish No. 2, broseph. You're thinking of a team 50 miles further south in Eugene that wears god-awful yellow unis.

The MWC...which TCU belongs to, did go 6-1 against the Pac in the regular season, this is true. If anything, it's another feather to add to the Frogs' cap. That, and its only losses coming to BCS-bound teams.

However, a Pac-10 team did put a nice stamp on the MWC in the Las Vegas Bowl. That does equate to some measure of revenge.

Now, Ohio State's signature win is...Northwestern? Michigan State? Two teams that went 0-for against the Top 25?

All TCU did was have the fewest points scored on it by Oklahoma of any team this year, beat an unbeaten in its bowl, beat end of the nation's longest win streak TWICE in one year (BYU in October, Boise last night) and come yards away from keeping Utah out of the Sugar Bowl.

Explain to me how anything Ohio State has done this year trumps TCU.

WCT said...

please, no more talk about Boise State. They proved once and for all that they are garbage.

WCT said...

By the way, nice credentials for TCU coming into last nights game "They almost beat Utah and Lost to OU 35-10!!" Very impressive. Using that logic, Ohio State basically played USC to the same score that TCU played OU (without their two best players) and almost beat Penn State, a BCS team.

And just for good measure, OSU, as currently constituted with Wells and Pryor, would take TCU and their impotent offense behind the woodshed.

Kyle said...

Yeah, what a garbage team that Boise is, with a 13-1 record and a one-point loss to the No. 11 team in the nation. Big Ten country has some pretty strong weed.

Ohio State and TCU have the exact same resume, this much is true. However the Buckeyes are going to do in Glendale what they've done the last two bowl seasons, and that is get served by a much better program. If we have to watch someone lose in a BCS bowl, can we at least mix it up?

Kyle said...

I'd be remiss if I didn't say...

Merry Christmas Big 10 fans. You give as well as you take, and that's why I love arguing with Big 10 fans.

buckyor said...

Seeing as both Castor and Anatidae finshed 7-2 in the conference, I think it's fair to consider Oregon State as at least "co" number 2.

Since you're talking about a signature win- I'm trying to figure out if 2-loss TCU's was against Stanford (sorta like beating Northwestern, only without the offense or the defense) or against BYU (which I imagine is about as good as, say, Troy). If you're gonna raise this as a qualification, you might want to make sure your candidate wins using this criterion.

Oh, and Ohio State two losses came against Penn State and USC- ironically enough, two teams that are in BCS games. Go figure.

WCT said...

I have never in my life seen someone base an argument around a 35-10 loss being a good thing on a teams resume, so bravo for that.

Also, The WAC continues to distinguish itself as Hawaii gets humiliated by Notre Dame. I think I'm beginning to see how Boise went through this conference undefeated...

THN said...

You still missed the point. The NCAA goes out of its way to give undeserving Big Ten teams all of the advantages in other sports like baseball. So why don't they offer the same courtesy for the WAC and the BCS?

You guys are very biased, very one sided. I offered to contract the WAC in THN's playoff system.

The Mountain West, for the record, is 2-1 so far in the bowl games. And yes, TCU's beating BYU was a good win because the Cougars were ranked at the time.

Still, we'll just let it play out. Much like we did when everybody was stomping around here earlier this year saying Ohio State was going to beat USC.

Kyle said...

BYU wasn't just ranked, but was top 10 *and* boasting the nation's longest winning streak. TCU twice beat top 10, and twice those teams had the nation's longest win streak.

Let me repeat that again: two wins over the Top 10, both times against the team with the nation's longest win streak.

Also, Oregon State lost to Oregon in the tiebreaker. OSU is playing in the Sun Bowl, designated to the Pac-10's third place finisher. Oregon is playing in the Holiday, contracted to the Pac-10's No. 2. Therefore, Oregon finished second.

Kyle said...

Pac-10: 4-0
Big 10: 0-3

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