Wednesday, December 17, 2008

St. Louis FC to finally be motivated by winning?

St. Louis FC executive Billy Devaney, who will direct the team’s search for a coach, talks with co-owner Lucia Rodriguez. What's amusing here is that Devaney is speaking passionately about something -- obviously related to football -- and Rodriguez has that look in her eye like, "Who do I have to kill around here for a chili dog?"

As opposed to her mother, Georgia Frontandrearie, who would have the same look about her. Only the murdering showgirl was looking around asking just, "Who do I have to kill? That's it, I just want to kill somebody or something other than the collective wills of the sports fans in Southern California."

(And seriously, did her mom not leave her the number of her plastic surgeon? Her mom gave plastic surgeons so much business over the years, you would think they could throw in a freebie.)

The St. Louis FC has indicated that they are going to turn the search over for the team's next coach over to its football people for a change. That means that John Shaw can't hold out for the lowest paid candidate possible. That would mean that Chip isn't so much a chip off his mother's block, instead he would be following in the footsteps of his win-at-all cost father.

When you think of the limited success St. Louis FC has had, it's remarkable. The whole Kurt Warner thing was a fluke. The only reason he got to play was because the organization was too cheap to find a veteran backup after highly-paid free agent Trent Green was hurt. Now it looks like Chip wants to build a real organization.

Our only advice for Chip if he starts spending actual money on the team, don't go swimming when your sister is around. She has that look.


R.J. said...

Classic. I wouldn't dare swim in the Pacific Ocean, either.

This could be a good thing for St. Louis FC. Unless they hire Norv Turner after he gets fired by the Bolts.

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