Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Romo, Witten Skip T.O.'s Birthday Party

Terrell Owens had a Super Sweet 16 party on Monday and his BFFs didn't even bother to show.

The main beneficiary of the party was Owens' Catch A Dream Foundation. Money raised at the event will go toward aiding 81 families in the Dallas area just in time for Christmas.

However, considering the events of the last week - when Owens was involved in a controversy with tight end Jason Witten and quarterback Tony Romo, the headliners Monday night were his teammates and coaches. Romo, who is suffering from a back injury sustained against the Giants, was a no-show at press time, along with Witten, who is also nursing injuries.

Normally, when you miss a birthday party, it's no big deal. If you're a dude. Unfortunately Terrell Owens has never shown that proclivity. Instead, he was likely pouting in the back of the room, while the other revelers were dancing to that Ah-Ha tribute band. Or at least what they believed was an Ah-Ha tribute band. (Hey, times have been hard for everybody.)

This might not be a big deal to most normal people, but you can imagine that T.O. is going to react like a scorned child and smite Romo and Witten on his Facebook page.


lumps said...

That picture wasn't taken at the last Tardstock was it? I see Bone on the right, BA in the back, THN over there, and opryg standing there.

I thought we said no cameras allowed?

Yiddish Steel said...

Steel Panther rulez! \m/ I'd hire them to play my daughters' Bat Mitvah any tim.

Kyle said...

Remember in the '90s when Cowboy drama set the precedent for Any Given Sunday? Now it's like a shitty CW drama.

Will Leitch said...

This time I'm having my minions steal stories from you

Scott said...

I've always been suspicious of charity drives that limit the number of people they help or the amount of money they raise based on some arbitrary factor. "Sorry, folks. We can't help you. If T.O. had liked the number 82 better, then no problem."

Although I think Matt Bryant is a great guy, I hate the fact that he donates to the children's hospital based on the number of field goals he makes. "Aww, too bad little Billy. If he hadn't pulled that 50-yarder to the left, you could have had that operation."

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