Sunday, December 07, 2008

The Post Mortem

Starting off with the college football today because by the time this is published, I will be leaving on a jet plane.

Can't wait to see that Oklahoma vs. Alabama BCS Championship Game.

That's right, the BCS title game should be Oklahoma vs. Alabama. Head-to-head matchups -- especially on a neutral field -- obviously doesn't matter. So with Alabama and Florida holding identical records, why not let Alabama go to the BCS title game? Whose loss was worse ... Florida losing at home to some curtain-jerker SEC team or Alabama losing to Florida on a neutral field?

Hey, this argument is working for Oklahoma, why wouldn't it work for Alabama?

Besides, enact the THN Playoff Plan and none of this politicking would be necessary.

And the game wasn't bad, either. Florida is more talented than Alabama right now, but just couldn't put the Tide away until late in the fourth quarter.

  • The Florida fans did chant "One more year" imploring Tim Tebow to stick around for his senior season. That depends on how anxious Tebow is to become an NFL fullback.

  • USC vs. UCLA made huge news because of the uniform deal. And be honest, that looked pretty cool out there, with both teams wearing the home uniforms. Hopefully they do it again next season. Of course, the Trojans will be ripped for not running the score up on the Bruins, winning by only 21 when they could have won by 50.

  • The awesome uniform news, however, had to be Army and Navy’s new uniforms. Those things were sweet, especially the Army camouflage uniforms. How can that be legal? How soon before an opponent throws an interception and says, wow, I couldn’t see the defender he was camouflaged out there. Very shrewd, Army. Very shrewd.
  • And for the record, Pat Tillman obviously didn’t play for Army. But it would probably be a nice idea if they retired his collegiate No. 42 in honor of him.
  • Turns out that Plaxico Burress was the NFL's MVP. That's the only conclusion you can draw after the way the Giants folded on Sunday. There were a couple of ducks that Dom Hixon let slide through his fingers that Burress would have caught. Good luck, Eli.
  • Any announcer that says, "I could have never imagined that Kurt Warner would ever have an MVP season again "should just quit. Warner had some tough stretches, but he was obviously good enough to keep playing. He was good enough to have the Giants in position to make the playoffs in 2004. He was good enough when the Cardinals wasted a pick on Matt Leinart. If you are paid to follow football, you should have seen this coming.

Let's turn this over to the Comment Monkeys. I want to hear from a sports fan. Denver, Indianapolis, San Diego ... have I given you enough topics to talk about?


Sun Devil said...

Jay Cutler's first playoff experience will likely come against the Indianapolis Colts.

Remember the last 2 times the Broncos got the Colts in the first round?

This could turn into the moment where those of us Broncos fans who still wish Jake Plummer had kept the reins will shut the fuck up.

Or, on the other hand, Champ Bailey and DJ Williams can continue to not recover from injury and it will look just like those past 2 years.


R.J. said...

Three more weeks and Detroit will lock up that #1 pick. The sad part is that the Lions will need to run the table because there's no way Cincy's going to finish better than 1-14-1.

Leave it to a Matt Millen-constructed team to go for the Imperfect Season. What are the odds Al Davis will hire him afterward?

R.J. said...

Hey THN, this is not an Alyssa Milano joke. Did you hear about this?

The Hatriot said...

Shorter Cowboy Honk:
The Plowboys are going to get whupped in Philly to end their season and playoff hopes. Maybe if I don't talk about it, no one will notice.

buckyor said...

Detroit won't run the table. They get to close the season at Green Bay, whose defense will make Daunte Culpepper look like Tom Brady.

WCT said...

USC got so lucky drawing the offensively challenged Penn State Nittany Lions. Now USC will (obviously) win, and west coast honks like yourself will gush over how great there defense is and how they could beat Oklahoma or Florida. Book it.

Yiddish Steel said...

"USC got so lucky drawing the offensively challenged Penn State Nittany Lions. Now USC will (obviously) win, and west coast honks like yourself will gush over how great there defense is and how they could beat Oklahoma or Florida. Book it."

Uhhh... Maybe because it's true. The only team getting screwed out of the National Championship Title is USC. USC lost to Oregon St on the road. Florida lost to Ole Miss at home, Oklahoma lost to Texas on a "neutral field"; it only stands to reason that USC should at least be playing Oklahoma for the title. USC will pummel Penn St. and once again prove what a load of shit the BCS will always be.

WCT said...

Texas lost to 1-loss Texas Tech on the road by 6 points on a miracle play on the last play of the game. USC lost to 4(5?) loss Oregon State, in a game that they got dominated. Plus Texas Beat Oklahoma. What's USC's best win?

Kyle said...

Can I sue CBS for those Army unis giving me a seizure?

THN said...

Well done, folks. And for the record, I did not piss the past day because I was in court because of that stalking charge.