Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Phillips: Oh no, Not This Again

Deposed Broncos coach Mike Shanahan replaced the bumbling Wade Phillips in 1995, and you had better believe that it's going to happen again. Denver's owner Pat Bowlen did the unthinkable and fired Shanahan after the Broncos choked away the AFC West title. Ending a partnership that had grown stale in recent years.

That means that Dallas is the next logical step for Shanahan.

And hey, if you consider the bad character guys Shanahan was bringing to Denver (as pointed out by Pierre LePud), moving to Dallas wouldn't be that big of a jump.

And it also would be a bad case of Déjà vu for Phillips.

But this would fit perfectly into Jerry Jones' mindset of bringing in a big-name coach and it might actually work. Hey, do you think he could get Phillips to accept a demotion to defensive coordinator? That might be the Cowboys' best bet.

Still, it's a better than even-money proposition that Shanahan will be the Cowboys' coach next season. Jones just can't help himself. And Shanahan's somewhat surprising unemployment will allow Jones to play the, "I would have kept Wade, but when Shanahan falls onto the open market, you have to make a move."

Shanahan doesn't have to make a move right now. There are some other job openings with the Browns, Lions and the Jets. The first two don't seem like a good fit for the Orange Hobgoblin. The Jets gig might intrigue Shanahan who could be swayed by the neon lights on Broadway. But come on, what coaching gig is bigger than the Dallas Cowboys job?

And would that lead Jake Plummer to come back and guide the Cowboys to the Super Bowl?

Shanahan seems like a lock for the Cowboys.

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