Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Mark Teixeira Doesn't Care About Winning

First baseman Mark Teixeira got his first taste of the postseason this year and he obviously didn't like it -- because he signed a deal with the annual alsorans, the New York Yankees. And to be honest, paying $170 million for a guy who couldn't manage an extra base hit in the postseason seems like a lot of money. Unless, of course, you are the Yankees who don't figure to be in the postseason mix for an awfully long time.

And if the Yankees do make the postseason, at least A-Rod will have somebody hiding with him in the closet when the big moments come along.

Honestly, Teixeira was a good guy (from my Angels sources) and he's an outstanding regular-season hitter. But damn, the Angels couldn't get past the Red Sox with him, so why bother paying him that much money? Don't fret about the team not signing another player. The Angels have been aggressive in recent years. Some times it works out (Torii Hunter) and sometimes not so much (Sarge Jr.).

Hopefully the Angels will actually make a play for Manny Ramirez. They have to do it. Matthews is going to be out of the mix until at least June. Then you can have the four outfielder/DH slots spread around Manny, Juan Rivera, Hunter and Vladamir Guerrero. That would be kind of cool.

Meanwhile, Tex and A-Rod can pile up meaningless homeruns as they finish behind the Tampa Bay Rays. Again.


Diane said...

"Don't fret about the team not signing another player."

I appreciate the attempt to talk me in off the ledge.

Seitz said...

No Manny. No player represented by Boras as long as Reagins has any say. Not after the way they were treated in this go around.

In fact, I'd package Weaver into the deal for Peavy.

Seitz said...

And if the Angels don't make another move, they still win the west by 8+ games next season.

R.J. said...

If the Halos deal for Peavy, can the Padres throw in Brian Giles and his ex-girlfriend, too?

THN said...

I think the Angels would be leery of Boras, but I don't think they had quite the falling out that the Braves and the Wasserman Group had.

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