Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Jerry Jones Envies Al Davis

Jerry Jones probably watched Al Davis eviscerate Lane Kiffin earlier this year (though, not enough to prevent him from getting the gig at Tennessee) and was green with envy because he couldn't do the the same to his coach. Though he should. Honestly Wade, what the hell were you wearing during that Steelers game?

Jones should be frustrated with his coach and Tony Romo's inability to win in December. Instead, he went off on running back Marion Barber who missed Sunday's crucial contest with a toe injury.

And on one hand, Skeletor does have a point. How much money is Barber making? There are autoworkers in Detroit who don't know if they are going to have a job by Christmas, and they probably have some aches and pains, too. But when you are making millions of dollars and running guy's fantasy teams because you won't take an injection to numb that toe up, well, you aren't going to get a lot of sympathy.

Then again, the big toe is a serious injures and it has taken down some other major players in the past. So this isn't a time to make toe jokes.

But no matter which side of the coin you fall, it should not distract from the real story which is that the Cowboys are going to choke their way out of the playoffs this year, depriving everybody a chance to see the Cowboys fail in the postseason. Again. That means no shot of Jones in his overcoat, which his arm tucked under, fingers on his chin looking desperately at the scoreboard wondering if there is a away to get Jimmy Johnson back on the sidelines.

And what sucks, is that America really needs that right now.


Diane said...

Oh sure, we finally get away from College football and into a post with a fashion reference, and the link doesn't work.

Any chance you're planning to post a photo of Visanthe Shiancoe as honorary Weak Ender guy?

DAWUSS said...

Was it this?


WCT said...

"Any chance you're planning to post a photo of Visanthe Shiancoe as honorary Weak Ender guy?

Oh god please don't

Rod Blagojevich said...

Hello Dad. I'm in jail.

Diane said...

Oh, Lordy. Not everyone can pull off purple.

Fletch said...

As long as this ends in more New York Football Giants games for you in Southern Cal, I think we all win.

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