Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Burress isn't going to jail

Plaxico Burress will not be going to jail. Not unless you count jail as playing for the Oakland Raiders. But he won't be tried in a court of law. He will find a way to get away with it all.

He's already "lawyered up" as they say on CSI, hiring Benjamin Brafman. The same guy who got off Puff Daddy and Michael Jackson. Though, that might be an unfortunate phrase when talking about Jackson.

Still, he's not going to spend a day in jail and his fancy lawyer has a new list of excuses for his client. That's right, it's a new Last and Ten.


Donal said...

Look at his stats. He's had trouble with safteys all season.

Donal said...

Sorry for the DP, but I just got a new name for my fantasy team (and just in time for the playoffs)

Plax's Kevlar Pants

Yiddish Steel said...

Why the hell should he have to go through this much legal expense to defend his poor choice of evening accessory? Plaxico should go to jail as soon as Pacman goes to jail. Now tell me who is a bigger menace to society and owes society for the greater transgression?

Donal said...

Plax fired a weapon in a night club. It was dumb luck he didn't hit another person.

Pacman beat a stripper, which isn't really a person.

Jon Kalnas said...

Too bad the gun didn't shoot him in the face. It's amazing that someone that has made it, making millions, in the spot light would do something stupid like this.


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