Thursday, December 04, 2008

Bad News: Blackout Lifted in Los Angeles

The National Football League is going go piss away some money purchase to the remaining tickets to tonight's anticipated Raiders vs. Chargers tilt. Also known as the "Norv Bowl."

The league said it would donate the tickets to local methadone clinics, bail bondsmen, parole offices and other places you will find Raiders fans. Hey, they might have somebody in the stadium who actually cares.

Funny, if the league will cave so it's 34 subscribers can see the game, why don't they just buckle under to Time Warner and put NFL Network on basic cable?


Diane said...

I'm already working on my welcome to SD sign for Bill Cowher.

Northern California Community Blood Banks said...

What about us?

R.J. said...

I noticed business was picking up at King Stahlman's Bail Bonds this evening. Any word on whether there were more fights at tonight's game than at the Bears game in September?

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