Monday, November 17, 2008

Presenting a Playoff Plan to the President

President-elect Barack Obama has a plan for a college football playoff. But like all of his other plans, it lacks details. And that's cool. Obama is a pretty smart guy, so he will wisely defer to the experts on this one.

Luckily, The Hater Nation is available. And hey, a night in the Lincoln Bedroom isn't necessary.

What we are proposing here is probably the greatest college football playoff plan you will ever see. Don't try to steal it, either. Actually, go ahead. Just having this happen would be payment enough.


The first part of this plan is to get to eight conferences. Just like the NFL. Right now, we have six major -- or BCS -- conferences: ACC, Big XII, Big East, Big Ten, Pac-10 and SEC. Some major independents are going to have to find their way to a conference -- such as Notre Dame and Navy -- or else they won't ever be playing for a national title again. Although, you could argue that ship has sailed for Notre Dame.

All conferences must have at least 12 members with a conference championship game. And you could even do a deal where the bowls now host conference championship games. That would be pretty cool. For instance, the Rose Bowl could play host to the Pac-10 championship game on New Year's Day. The Sugar Bowl hosts the SEC title game. The Holiday Bowl hosts the Big Ten championship game. Genius ... and that was a last-minute add.

So what happens to Conference USA, MAC, Mountain West and WAC? For starters, you move Fresno State and San Diego State to the Pac-10. That way, you aren't wasting a team that will lose to USC every year, plus it makes another rivalry and gives those two schools a chance to survive. SDSU could one day be very good if the Chargers build a new facility. Of course, the Aztecs could be subbed out if they don't put the money received from a Pac-10 move into the football program.

That puts the MWC down to eight teams. Boise State, Hawaii, Nevada, and Utah State move to the Mountain West. New Mexico State, sorry guys. San Jose State can go back to the Big West and play I-AA with Fullerton, Cal Poly and USD. Utah State is given the nod here to compete against BYU and Utah, while Nevada vs. UNLV would be a great rivalry. That monster Mountain West would become the seventh BCS member, with the WAC dissolving. (Like you would miss it.) Heck, the Mountain West might become the best conference in the NCAA.

So who gets the nod, the CUSA or the MAC? And hey, maybe the Sunbelt needs some love, too right? To be honest, who cares who it is. Let's just say that the MAC is the eighth BCS team. CUSA and the Sun Belt become I-AA conferences. But here's the catch. If any of the eight conferences become bad, however, they can be relegated to I-AA and one of the I-AA conferences can be given a chance.

Now we have our eight conferences -- ACC, Big XII, Big East, Big Ten, Pac-10, SEC, Mountain West and MAC. Now split those up into two sides, like AFC and NFC conferences. For instance, SEC, Big Ten, ACC and Mountain West would be one group. And the other, Pac-10, Big East, Big XII, and MAC would be the other. That would evenly split up the conferences so you could still have an all-West Coast or an All-South final.

Now the plan is just very simple. Take the eight conference winners and have them play it off. That's it. That playoff system is so easy. No wild cards, no guess work ... just win and get in.

Now, some might argue that a second-place team in the SEC or Big XII this year might be better than the No. 1 team in the MAC. So what? Wouldn't you rather rid yourselves of voters and computers in order to make this happen? Win your conference and you're in. This still makes the college regular season meaningful. Imagine if Oregon State was actually on the verge of keeping USC out of the playoffs under this plan. How amazing would that be?

Don't worry, you can thank us later.


DAWUSS said...

Jim Mora would prefer that we not talk about the playoffs.

Slake said...

make it happen Barry.

Anonymous said...

This is a great system. Even in baseball the second place team in the American League East usually has a better record than the first place team in the NL West, but may not get to the play-offs. Heck, the loser of the AL East is usually close to better than the winner in the NL West.

Make this happen. If the Big O can pull this off, his election is a success even if nothing else happens.

R.J. said...

My Aztecs couldn't beat Mater Dei or some of LA's better high school programs at this point.

Put them in the same conference as Notre Dame so between them and the Raiders I'm guaranteed one win a month.

John McCain said...

I propose that we design helmets of sturdy leather to protect the player's heads.

Gerald Ford said...


Those leather helmets are the greatest thing since the horseless carriage.

Ted Stevens said...

Listen, a playoff system is not something you can just dump things on, like a truck. It's a series of tubes!

Sarah "Winky" Palin said...

Gah! No specifics yet!

Willam Ayers said...

My pal Obama's views on a playoff system were developed in my living room.

贝贝 said...

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