Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Post Mortem

Plaxico Burress's tribute to Sean Taylor went a little overboard.

What in the name of Vincent Vega was Burress doing with that gun? Though, years of catching lame ducks from Eli Messiah probably led him to believe that he could catch anything.

The good news is that carrying a handgun in New York is a minimum three-year sentence. And that’s mandatory. Can’t wait to see how he spins his way out of this one, because he won’t do a day in jail. Antonio Pearce also could catch end up in jail, too.

But, going back to the original point, it's good to see that lessons like the Sean Taylor tragedy really hit home with these guys.

Photo from the Bleacher Report.

There is a suspicion that the Chargers will spin injuries to Shawne Merriman and LaDainian Tomlinson as reasons to bring Norv back for his third year. Wait, suspicion ... more like, it's going to happen, whether you like it or not.

But the players have obviously let their intentions be known. The Chargers have quit on Turner and it’s becoming embarrassing.

They won’t even show the Chargers on local television anymore because the team has become that bad. Yes, the same team that went to the AFC Championship Game last year, has reached Raiders status and has banned from TV like a bad Girls Gone Wild video.

  • Teams like the Falcons and Dolphins get credit for their rapid turnaround, but the downfall of the Chargers has been just as swift. A.J. Smith should win the Jerry Jones award for letting ego stand in the way of championships.
  • Leave it to the Raiders to blow THN's dream of a 6-10 champion of the AFC West. JaMarcus Russell just doesn't look like he has a clue out there. And then the team ignored Darren McFadden who actually lit up the Chiefs in Week 2. But right now, the Raiders look like they are playing harder than the Chargers.
  • The Broncos won the AFC West with a rather impressive win on Sunday. Hard to explain that one. The Broncos lost at home to the Raiders. The Jets had won five consecutive games. Yeah, makes sense that Denver would win. Don't try figuring out this league.
  • As long as Aaron Rodgers continues to play like he does, nobody in Green Bay will miss Brett Favre. The way he threw that game-killing interception, well, you could have just thrown a No. 4 jersey on him and nobody would have been the wiser.
  • If pushed for a pick in the AFC, it would have to be the Pittsburgh Steelers. So books the Cardinals vs. the Steelers in the Super Bowl. Oh wait, San Francisco is still alive. Hold on to the prediction for a week.
  • Good to see that became a huge advertisement for the iPod over the weekend. They also cover football on the site, too.
  • Bill Callahan was such an overwhelming success at Nebraska, so it stands to reason that Lane Kiffin will have just as much of an impact at Tennessee. You also can add Mike Sherman, Al Groh, and Dave Wanstedt. Hey, not everybody is Pete Carroll, no matter how badly you want it to be. Honestly, this would be a sketchy hire for San Diego State. Tennessee must be that desperate.
  • Although the rumored Herman Edwards to San Diego State would be awesome. They need to make that happen.
Totally called Oregon State a number of weeks ago. And to paraphrase here, Oregon State is good enough to ruin USC's season, but not good enough to earn some extra cash for the conference by going to a BCS bowl. What a joke. They didn't even show up against their biggest rival. And how did Oregon manage such a decent record? They will be back in the BCS picture soon.

Now that Oregon State is out, the BCS had better do the right thing and put Utah and Boise State in bowls, and let them play some of the big boys.

BTW, THN's college football plan would have totally worked perfectly. One of the insane arguements about the BCS is that it gets fans talking. Like there wouldn't be talk about the Big XII championship if Texas was robbed of the playoffs? The talk would be even bigger.


DAWUSS said...

THN's playoff plan is nice, but it has one problem - disrespect for the sanctity of the Big 10, PAC 10, and the Rose Bowl. I would have the Big 10 and PAC 10 champs play in their NYD Rose Bowl, and keep the rest of the THN playoff as is (unless you want seeding based on [then-former] BCS rankings [though you have to remember to leave out the Big 10 and PAC 10 schools]).

BTW, could you imagine what would happen if Missouri upsets Oklahoma Saturday? You might have Texas move up to the #2 slot.

... and I need to figure out what school I wanna' apply to next year as I wrap up my time at cheapo community college to offset expsensive OOS tuition. I was thinking a PAC-10 or SEC school.

BTW, the Lucky Charms - Browns game was literally a smack yourself game. Too bad I live in Indy and didn't have a choice but to see that snoozer. At least the NFL's most overrated QB isn't looking as impressive...

Bob Mantz said...

I will guarantee you that this is going to mushroom out like a nuclear bomb as more and more names get thrown out there.


Diane said...

The NFL's canonizing of Sean Taylor bugs me. A young man with a history of violence who brought a knife to a gun fight. Yes, his death was tragic, but as hard as they try to make him into a saint, this wasn't some Roberto Clemente type situation.

Contrast this with the league's treatment of Pat Tillman and it looks even worse.

THN said...

I think you will remember last year when I mentioned that it really irked me that the league wore Taylor's 21 for the rest of the season while Jake Plummer was fined for continuing to wear his No. 40. Like you, I'm still bothered by it.

Dawuss, go to ASU. You won't regret it.

Bob, I hope that more names keep getting thrown out there. How funny that the league's flagship franchise is going to get pulled down by this. Maybe Eli will demand a trade again.

WCT said...

"but not good enough to earn some extra cash for the conference by going to a BCS bowl."

Just what that conference needs. More cash they don't deserve. Oregon State, have fun in the Holiday Bowl where you deserve.

Oh, and no way Boise ends up in a BCS bowl game. If you were running a bowl game and you had the choice between Ohio State and thier fan base vs. Boise State and their "fan base," who would you take??

Donal said...

Guys, correct me if I am wrong, but wasn't Taylor murdered by a kid that broke into his home? That it had nothing to do with his past transgressions?

Obviously well short of Tillman's sacrifice, but there is no need to trash the guy.

Anyway, a lot of the names being thrown around were just rumors. Pierce appears to be the only one actually there. Derek Ward was at an NFL sponsored function near by and I think thats about it.

Still, if the accusations of Pierce hiding the gun are true, he may be in worse trouble than Plax.

Diane said...

Donal - not trying to trash the guy but it bothers me that the NFL has chosen to latch onto him as some sort of poster child. The league could be using this as a means to bring to light the fact that violence is the number one cause of death for young black men aged 18-24. Instead, they ignore these facts to make him into THE tragedy of the 21st century.

Sorry, but I'm not willing to swallow that kool aid.

THN said...

I heard that Taylor had turned his life around and was one of the rare athletes that wanted to actually raise his kids. But the league has been woefully short in honoring Pat Tillman and went overboard for Taylor.

And if I was the owner of a team, any team, I would retire Tillman's number out of respect.

THN said...

BTW, WCT - Boise State travels pretty good. And would you rather a game like Boise State's Fiesta Bowl, or Ohio State getting blown out. Again.

Bain said...

I think Commissioner Killian should issue an apology to all Running Man fans for telling us Pat Tillman is retired and living in Hawaii!

Bokolis said...

Hey, Plax was keepin' it real...gettin the bouncers to let him bring his piece into the place. I always gotta sneak my $h!t in. Like a cocktail party joke, he's going to be every rapper's punchline.

There is no such thing as mandatory minimum three-year prison sentence. Sure, that's what it says on the books...even if it came to that, where state time is concerned, anything can be pled down. That he has a permit, even if it is in Florida, figures to be a mitigating circumstance.

Plax could get into more trouble for transporting a loaded handgun across state lines. That's Federal. Isn't it funny that banks can export credit card rates across states easier than people can transport guns?

They're not taking down the flagship. Since Dallas already has a flake at WR and the handgun laws are too liberal in TX, Plax'll be on the Raiders in no time.

Sun Devil said...

Look at the love for ASU up there. THN, good to know you realize where the women are. And the better college baseball team.

The Broncos win the west. Hard to believe the team that's had every player injured at some point in the season and also can't stop the Chiefs running game is going to the playoffs. Who knows, maybe they can put together some kind of improbable run in the Super Bowl like that team a few years back that didn't have a very good defense and was a one-man quarterback show...and this time Tampa won't be there to stop them.

But the Chargers can thank one man for ruining their season as it was starting. That demoralizing early season loss to the Broncos really fucked them up. Thanks, Ed. Phoenix, Arizona's finest attorney.

DAWUSS said...

Dawuss, go to ASU. You won't regret it.

ASU? A former teacher of mine recommended 'Zona, but I lost interest in them when I remembered what the Wildcats' record was in football (which, at the time IIRC was 1-10).

During this past offseason I did get interested in Alabama, thinking I might see a National Championship once I got there (if I decided to go there), but now that's getting slim, since they're one non-upset away from getting it now (and the NC Bullseye => BCS Buzz Kill).

A family member wants me to go to UT, but IMO the Longhorns have peaked and it's downhill to the slump for a few years.

Like I said, I'm thinking PAC-10 or SEC. Out of region (Indiana), consistently warm weather (I don't like snow, and there's a bit of it outside my house), great football schools (I still have intentions on a football-related career [such as coaching, for example]). And hopefully some eye (and everything else) candy co-eds as a bonus.

I'll have to look into ASU a bit.

R.J. said...

I'm just glad the local CBS affiliate isn't calling the Bolts Super Bowl contenders anymore. It took them long enough.

I wouldn't put all the blame on Norv. That jack*** A.J. Smith let his ego get in the way of sound roster decisions.

I think the Bolts would've had at least one Lombardi Trophy if he kept Brees.

buckyor said...

You might as well stay in community college if you're thinking of going to an SEC school. Sure the talent is good, but so is Scottsdale CC. And a degree from either is equally effective in getting your start in the highly competitive food service industry.

Sun Devil said...

Yeah, Bucky. That or a law degree.

We all know undergrad is all what you put into it and making connections. That's as easy to do at ASU as anywhere, except au because in Tucson you'd get AIDS.

But you are right about SCC having talent. I've seen women there and at MCC that are smoking hot. Although the Mesa ones probably are mormon, and that's a whole different story.

THN said...

You realize that he was ripping SEC schools, right?

Sun Devil said...

Alcohol is a helluva drug

lumps said...

"You realize that he was ripping SEC schools, right?"

Probably not, that is why he would fit in perfectly. Just sayin!

If he were smart he would go to one of those highly sought after California State College's degrees, that will make the work around the french fryer that much more interesting.

buckyor said...

Sun Devil said...
Yeah, Bucky. That or a law degree. . . .

THN said...
You realize that he was ripping SEC schools, right?

You'd also think a guy calling himself Sun Devil might want to find out where the law degree was from before he jumped on that. Could be mighty embarrassing if it were from, say, Arizona State. . . .

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