Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Monday Night Thoughts

Don't count out the Slurs following their loss to the Steelers. The Slurs seem like one of those teams that is probably a little bit inflated, playing above their heads and they probably are. And last night's loss seems like one of those games that could spur a second-half swoon.

But the schedule just won't let them.

The Slurs still have winnable games against Seattle, Cincinnati and San Francisco, meaning nine wins for this team. And if they can get one win from the remaining home games against the Cowboys (most likely), Eagles or Giants, they will reach the magic 10 win plateau.

So instead of writing this team off -- like I thought I would be able to -- Clinton Portis, the defense and an easy schedule should push them into the playoffs. Which is bad news for the Cowboys and Eagles who are going to have to scuffle for that final spot.


Diane said...

More importantly, traditionally, the Redskins' loss right before an Election bodes well for the Democrat's candidate.

Bokolis said...

The 'skins did lose to the Frontandrearie Select...at home. It looks less like a hiccup at 6-3.